Cheers To Year 2012 :-D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This brand New Year 2012 (now two weeks old!) is promising lots of sunshine :-D It has been really warm and hot here in past weeks and my plants are definitely getting all the much needed sunlight they were depriving of for the past months.

Here is one of the first flowers of my pale yellow Fountain Plant. It has taken me months to get this plant to reach flowering stage. Perhaps due to the lack of sunshine, hehe...

And I have to thank a dear friend for parting the stem cuttings to me. At that time I was hunting high and low for a small plant but couldn't find one as most of those at the nurseries are sold in big pots/plants (meaning they are expensive!) and they are usually in the common red.

The tips of my Aloe Vera spikes of flowers meanwhile are drying up fast. Hence, the flowers did not develop as nice as I expected them to be... sigh :-(

But my Fittonias are looking incredibly good these days! Earlier, they were like wilting away due to over-watering. Now I am glad the foliage has re-grown in vigour and I have the opportunity to be able to feel its healthy, stiff leaves again.

Meanwhile the Mexican Plume has blossomed a few flowers from its bracts... ta da... voila!

As for the Geranium... all the leaves are gone after the earlier non-stop rain. I hope the sun will bring back some of them. For now, the plant is surprising me with a few flowers...

The Celosia Flowers are feathery and bright and they have grown slightly 'thicker' since I brought the plant back from the nursery. A marvellous plant to have indeed. I placed it in shade in hope of prolonging the life of the flowers ;-)

I have killed some precious Fuchsias before. I hope I won't do the same for this one. I love the plant's pendent flowers. They are gorgeous!

Hope you have had a great start in this brand New Year. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Happy New Year! LOL! I love your fuchsia. Their hanging blooms are always so lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi! Steph...I like your Fushsia too and like you I have never been able to keep one alive. I'll keep my fingers cross for you about it's success.

  3. steph, i killed my Fittonia in my terrarium from over watering! can spare a lil one for me? :)

  4. I love the Fuschias as well. They always remind me of my Dad.
    I am good at killing most flowering houseplants. It is good that my husband keeps giving them to me. Ha ha.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Steph!

  5. Steph - good luck with your Fuchsia! Seems strange to hear of you struggling with a plant, let alone one that we take for granted here in the UK!!

    I would be more than happy with any flowers on my Aloe!!

  6. Sunshine is so nice especially after the rain. Your aloe vera, geranium and other plants will enjoy the warm sunny weather. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Love the fuchsia, Steph! Never grown one before though. Hope your plants flourish and thrive!

  8. You have lovely Fuchsia!
    Everything seems to look much better now! but I hope for rain too! sigh....

  9. Happy New Year Stephanie! This is my first time seeing an aloe vera flowering! Thanks for sharing and happy gardening!

  10. Happy chinese New Year to you and your family!

  11. It' as cold and snowy here as it is sunny and warm where you are, Stephanie!

    You have so many interesting and exotic plants! Some of them I'm familiar with, but every time I visit I see something that's new to me!

    I've never seen an aloe bloom - how cool!

    Those fuchsias can be temperamental! I've killed a few myself, usually over the winter when I've watered them too much while they were indoors. Last year I was very careful not to overwater. Hopefully it will make it through the winter and be able to enjoy the summer sun again in a few months! I think we might have the same kind of fuchsia! The flowers look exactly the same color. The label on mine said it was 'Blackie.'

  12. beautiful! I love that Mexican Plume. that's very cool that you got to see the aloe flower - even if it was slightly underwhelming. :)

  13. Happy CNY...... It's very windy here, both of us like to play kites, since Pasir Gudang International Kite Fest is round the corner....

  14. Do you eat the Aloe? It is supposed to have some health benefits... no?

  15. I bought three Fuchsias plants during Dec 2011. They are so tiny; wondering if they'll survive and grow healthy.

  16. garden girl, there was no label on my fuchsia. So I do not the name. But it does look like a blackie.

    Lrong, no, I don't eat it but my friends do. They make sweet dessert. I just use it to treat skin afflictions.

    All, hope you have had a joyful New Year celebration! This fuchsia has unfortunately dried up as well :-(. I think I left it indoor for too long. Nevertheless, I am not giving up on this plant yet ;-)

  17. Stephanie,
    I love the colors of your different flowers.
    I never knew that Aloe Vera flowers, I know of it's therapeutic juice though.
    Happy belated 2012!

  18. Hi steph, that fountain plant I think is my fave colour, that soft lemon. I use aleo vera for burns, cutting off a spike and using the water inside to rub on the burn. Hope you have a green and thriving 2012, rain or shine. cheers, catmint



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