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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Chinese Fringe Flower plant was blooming profusely last week, shortly after a prune. Normally the leaves will appear first but this time round, the flowers came...

It was really delightful to see these deep pink fringe flowers beaming on the bush and looking radiant ;-) The plant really stole the show and my neighbour kept asking me where did that red plant come from and what's this plant... 

Oh well, the plant was here all the time! This week, sadly, most of the flowers you see here had dropped to the ground after the blazing hot sun came back. But good thing its deep plum leaves started to appear more and more.

Meanwhile, my Hoya publicalyx is still blossoming and have three bunches of flowers (one hiding behind) all at the same time on its vines...

Here is the fifth and last flower of the stalk of blooms from my Hippeastrum Mrs Somebody. Its size is just a little smaller than the earlier four that blossomed earlier :-D

And this Gloxinia is really something. I left the pot in one corner and did not bother to water it as I thought the plant has died. One day (after many days) I saw little leaves appearing and to my surprise, the plant was re-growing and now, as you can see, it is blossoming!

I am also happy to see a bloom of my Four O'clock Flower. It just gave me a surprise in the afternoon as I was walking out to check my post box.

Enjoy all the wonderful plants and blooms in your garden and have a great week to you all my fellow gardening friends!

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  1. Someone gave me 2 big bushes of this plant. I've never like it and thought of giving it away. When I saw yours... so nicely sculptured and blooming, I'm inspired to give it a chance in my garden. Thanks for providing the plant ID.

  2. What a gorgeous plant Stephanie. Not only are the flowers lovely but the foliage as well. Love it!

  3. Beautiful Stephanie,
    The Chinese Fringe is another I've never seen. The surprises that just bloom when you least expect it are like wonderful dreams.
    They must have a mind of their own ! :D

  4. Oh Steph, if only i am nearer your place, i am sure you will give me 1-2 cuttings of your Hoya pubicalyx. I longingly love to have it, haha! At the moment we are at the height of our hot dry season, so no planting yet. I am looking for some more hoyas this coming rainy season.

    And i don't blame your neighbors, that first plant is really adorable. I haven't seen it here too, but i don't long for it, at least not right away. Hoya pubicalyx is enough for me!

  5. Your chinese fringe bloom is glorious and spectacular to see :).

  6. The Chinese Fringe flower and purple leaves are so pretty. The Hoya flower bunches look like little umbrellas upside down. Amazing Gloxinia!

  7. rains are here! finally!

  8. I love Chinese fringe too! Unfortunately mealy bug and ants have done so much damage to my plant that I chop it to the max. ;(

  9. Love your Hoya blooms. Is that the butterfly leaf plant coming up from below?

  10. Stephanie, I love the red blossoms on the Chinese Fringe. It looks like hummers would love the flowers. Your plants always look so nice and healthy:)

  11. what gorgeous flowers are the chinese fringies. I love the way you observe your plants so closely Steph.

  12. Your fringe flowers plant is really attractive! No wonder it caught your neighbour's attention! Lovely!

  13. What a gorgeous plant Stephanie. Not only are the flowers lovely but the foliage as well. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing with us..

    Garden centre Northumberland

  14. It has been a while...still looking good...Until then....

  15. Steph, your chinese fringe bloom looks great. So much color. Looks like your pruning did you good. Sorry to hear that the weather has turned hot. It is so difficult to balance plant care and weather lately.

  16. The chinese Fringe looks so much like a christmas tree!

    I had been thinking a lot about having a hoya in my garden - any tips on getting the right one which is hardy and blooms a lot?

    Thanks for ID of the Bromeliad.
    I truly have no idea of its ID - I guess only the bloom can actually make the plant certain.
    I agree with you - it looks so much like the one you have in your garden.
    (I was secretly hoping that it would be a matchstick bromeliad - hehehehe)

  17. Stiletto, good thing you have not given them away! Happy sculpting :-D

    Malar, I hope the plant will bounce back and grow back nicely for you.

    Catmint, oh that is because I have a very small garden ;-)

    Sean L, yes that's the butterfly plant.

    Bom, one of my hoyas is suffering from the fickle weather right now ;-(

    James, of the three types of hoyas I have, this one, H. pubicalyx has the biggest bunch of blooms and quite productive once it start flowering.

    Thanks all! I enjoy following your blog and reading the happenings in your garden :-D

  18. cool fringe! Too bad it dropped its flowers. Other blooms are really interesting.

  19. cool fringe! Too bad it dropped its flowers. Other blooms are really interesting.

  20. The Chinese Fringe plant is new to me. Love the way it flowers...even the leaves are so beautiful! As for the hoya and the gloxinia, always a pleasure to see...

  21. Lowely flowers and plants in your garden.
    Have a nice day

  22. Love the Chinese Fringe flower. It's unique.



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