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Friday, May 25, 2012

The weather was super hot and humid last week but my Hoya kerrii seems to be loving the heat. The vine has been growing really well and doesn't care about having more water than usual.

Few of the Hoya kerrii leaves grew so big and I can't help but to take a pic of one of them. My plant loves me this much...  yay! ;-D

My Plumbago plants loved the heat as well. They are growing unusually fast, with cheerful blooms all over...

So is the portulaca...

And desert rose...

But my Columnea tulae var. flava vine is slow to grow back its leaves and flowers after a 'hair cut'.

Also, my Carnation Chabaud, the buds are taking their own sweet time to blossom...

In the shade, it was a different story... instead of blooms, my Kaempferia pulchra has sent out a few leaves - the darkest leaves ever with pretty attractive pattern on them! They really made me happy as I was longing to see these wonderful leaves for a long time.

I was also happy to see my Guzmania lingulata finally flowering...

And my newly propagated Perilla frutescens 'Magilla' is ready to be taken out to bask in the sun :-)

When the weather changes, my plants either grow better or worse. This time round, I am pleased that most of them are able to cope with the recent rather finicky weather. 

Ciao for now!

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  1. Wow Stephanie, those Hoya kerrii leaves are huge and shaped like hearts.
    Carnation Chabaud is so beautiful and dainty.
    I recognized a couple of the plants,Yay:D

  2. Your Hoya kerrii is enormous. So many of your plants seem to be loving the heat. I just love those double Portulaca flowers and your Carnation. My Kaempferia has now gone dormant for the year. I won't see the wonderful leaves for many months. Your Guzmania is fabulous too.

  3. I always love your photos of flowers, of course. That Hoya leave is amazing! Have a happy HEART day :)

  4. Hi Steph, i most envy your Hoya. I already have two species but they are still small. How i wish to have that one, have you posted the flower already.

  5. Good to know about your blog i have read and i am very inspired from your ideas.
    Thank you fro post.,

  6. Hi Steph, your plants are doing great! I sure do like those huge Hoya heart leaves and patterned Kaempferia pulchra leaves. :)

  7. Hi Steph, that's a flourishing garden you have there. Wow, the Hoya leaf was really big!

    Wish you a good Sunday! :o)

  8. Hi Steph, I find that it is the survival of the fittest - the plants that are fussy and can't take a change of weather tend to die or get replaced by hardier ones, so you end up with plants that on the whole do cope OK. The plumbago looks great, and I've never seen such big leaves on a hoya. cheers, catmint

  9. yes, your plants seem to love that humidity! I love all these plants, especially the plumbago, portulaca, and that leaf with the holes in it. pretty!

  10. Congratulations on your K. pulchra and Guzmania developments. It is always wonderful when our plants reward us.

  11. Guzmania lingulata cant live cuz of distance transport, and Sun almost kill it .. and I dun know what to do with it .. just lay it under plum tree :( alots of burns on its leaves ..

  12. Humidity is a killer for me. I DO NOT like so how you deal with it, I am not sure. We do not have any humidity here in the desert most of the year. BUT plants LOVE I love it as well:) It's a love hate thing:) You do such a wonderful job with your plants. Hope you have many more blooms:)

  13. The weather now is so unpredictable!
    Your plants seems to strive well! ;)

  14. Wonderful plants, Stephanie! It's been such a long time since I last commented. The hoya's huge! Hope your garden continues to thrive and flourish.

  15. those Hoya kerrii leaves are huge and like heart-shaped - reminds me when I seen them planted in a pot with a singular leaf and love notes written on them.
    I thought those where cactus - now I know that they were actually hoya.

    I recently bought a small cutting from a nursery for RM5.00
    Just started on the Hoya.
    Hope you could write on how to take care and manage them.
    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    And you are so right - its been so hot and humid during these few days that is quite unbearable.

  16. Oh interesting, I don't have a pink single petal carnation chabaud plant. The only single petal colour that was growing in my garden was lipstick red. Other were different colour of multiple layer bloom. So each seeds might produce random colour maybe. Congrats, You are really good with growing plants. I don't think I will able to grow them till blooming in msia myself you know.

  17. So large leaves you have on your hoya Kerri. Today I discovered a new bud on mine. Wish you a nice day.

  18. Stephanie I sometimes wonder how you do it? They all look like they came just from the nursery, hugged and kissed and looking fabulous.
    I lost once a big Desert rose in the rain. Now I have a small one growing which I take more care to look after, growing under the eve of the house.
    Perhaps, if plants a wet and warm it does not matter so much as when they are getting wet and cold, I guess it depends on the plants.
    The leaves of you Hoya are so big, never seen such big Hoya leaves.

  19. Wow, that leaf... nice shape and big...

  20. James, you have been propagating sedums really well. I suggest you apply the same method for the hoya ;-)

    Rohrerbot, Titania, yes the bright sun and heat helps in countering the rain. But when it rains non-stop, even cactus can be infested by pests.

    Bernie, never noticed my kaempferia go dormant. Maybe it is because we have only one season here... hot and wet forever hehe...

    Catmint, my plants/garden look dreadful during rainy season. And yes some will die in the process as well.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, you recognise your 'offsprings' well! I think the cooler temperature due to the rain last month helped in getting the plant to bloom but two other seedlings rotted though. Fyi, the plant grew so tall that I have curl it back to the pot. Good thing it has soft stems ;-)

    All, reading your comments cheers me up. Thanks!



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