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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Apple? Nope, it's a fruit from my Acerola bush. This one is big and very red...

Another fruit that is growing on the other side of the bush was nibbled by birds or something while ripening...

As for these Bougainvilleas, the holes all over the bracts were probably caused by the heavy downpour...

Tricolour Asian Jasmine is beginning to show new shoots after a heavy prune. Planted this vine together with the Plumbago (behind). Not a good match as  when the Plumbago grows bigger, it will be cover the vine. 

My Lemon Cypress is a little bigger now. Earlier, I have discarded some of the bottom foliage as they had turned brown. I am planing to transplant it to a bigger pot. Anyone knows if the new soil line can be higher? Maybe I can hide the unsightly bare bottom part of the tree (like sinking it) into the soil).

At the right hand side in the pic above, I have a rooted stem cutting of a Bleeding Heart Vine. When I bought it from a nursery, there were flowers on the short vine. But later, during the prolonged rain, most of the leaves dropped and I though it was going to die. Now with more sunny skies, I am glad it is growing more leaves albeit very slowly.

Money Plants are happy plants! 

They love the shade and don't mind growing in water ;-)

Spotted a new Calla Lily leaf. But the blooms have never returned before...

Likewise for this Flower Dust Plant ;-( Oh why?

Meanwhile, a young Lady Fingers plant is finding its way to the sunlight ;-)...

Each plant has its own story. Love to read yours. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Pretty lemon cypress and flower dust plants! Sometimes our citrus leaves get holes in them from leaf cutter bees similar to your Bougainvilleas.

  2. Hi Stephanie. Girl I love that Tricolour Asian Jasmine. What beautiful foliage. You have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Beautiful!
    I love the delicate coloring of the Bougainvilleas. And the fruits , the top one looks so sweet.
    Years ago we bought dried money plant with its silver "coins".I never see fresh plants for sale, I'll check if we have seeds.
    Your garden is looking wonderful.
    For the time being,woodchucks,raccoons,possums and skunks have taken their liberty with my garden here.I'll think of a compromise, maybe I feed them and they won't eat my flowers?

  4. dust plant- that is interesting! I love those money plants. i've tried it - and a japanese lantern which i think is equally cool. never had luck with either.

  5. Your plants are looking amazing! :)) I also have Tricolor Jasmine, love the pretty foliage..I was wondering, do you know how to propagate it? I tried taking cuttings but it didn't work..all the cuttings didn't root & eventually withered..

  6. Wow you must have hundred of plants at least in your garden. I keep on learning new names from you.

  7. I love that you keep such a close look at each of the plants. I am envious of your Calla Lily. These are one of my favorite plants that can only be grown here in the winter. You have a green thumb:)

  8. I just love the Jasmine. The lovely pink hues on the new foliage is so pretty. Love the delicate pink of your Bougainvillea too. I wonder why those two plants have not bloomed again?

  9. Flower dust plant is new to me! You have exotic plant collections!

  10. Your green fingers works miraculs as allways. Why not plant something low and creepy underneath Your cypress, it can look nice. Calla I have in the shead waiting to come out again to bloom for a ned season. I hope for flowers as i do for yours.
    Enjoy :)

  11. Hi Angie, try rooting the vine at surrounding soil first before detaching from mother plant. Good luck!

  12. i should check the bouganvilla. looks like u might have a baby grasshopper.

  13. Diane, Hannah, yes my friend also told that it might be the beetle or bee that did those cuts. There are grasshoppers in my garden as well. Maybe it was just one of those insects.

    Hi all, you always have good things to say about my garden plants. Thanks!!

  14. You nurture your plants so well. They are healthy and lush. I don't think the holes in your Bougy were caused by the rain. The defects are so well delineated. Probably the work of some critter such as the grasshopper. The shower will only caused it to go limp-looking or hasten its fall.

  15. I'm always amazed at your collection of exotic plants!! I've never heard of flower dust! Interesting to see photos of plants I have not come across before.

    Happy gardening!!

  16. im thinking of getting a frangi now, can they be grown in pots?

  17. Your Acerola (West Indian/Barbados Cherry) is great for making a nice cold drink especially in this hot weather. They are also SUPER high in Vitamin C. I have one big bush and we ate the fruits all year round!



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