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Sunday, June 03, 2012

This spike of red Aranda has been the focus of my garden for the past couple of weeks. This time round the blooms stayed intact for a long time, for weeks in fact! Also thanks to the gentle birds that visit my garden in the mornings and evenings. I think they did not bother to peck or even stand on them too hard ;-)

Also, it is quite fascinating to see how the spike of flower grow out from the orchid - strong and long :-D

While the blooms are outstanding, bright and prolific, this orchid has actually not bloomed for about 12 months or so... what a long wait! Could it be the fertiliser, I wonder?

I have been feeding the orchid with balanced liquid fertiliser once a week for about a year now. I used to apply fish fertiliser and fertiliser specially made for orchids but when the stock has finished I discontinued - I think they all give the same result. Long wait that is!! 

What's your experience with aranda orchids?

The Adenium obesum is just as charming this time round. There are plenty of flowers on the shrub...

Not everything is rosy though. One of my Hoya kerrii vines is withering (must have over-watered it!). I chopped the vine to pieces and hopefully it will root again as there is still sap oozing out from the stems. After a week I dug out the stems to check and I was glad to see very short little roots. Then, I realised that I shouldn't have disturb the cuttings... gosh, I am keeping my fingers crossed now!

Meanwhile, my Russelia equisetiformis 'Flava' is going crazy - what a mess! But I have to just leave the plant like this for a while till I find another space/pot for this dear plant. The plant that is in front of the russelia is Euphorbia milii... glad to see its yellow bracts :-D

I have just changed the look of my strawberry pot again. Earlier I planted some coleuses. They have grown 'old' and didn't look that nice after a while. So now I have planted some succulents into the pot which include Portulacaria afra, Kalanchoe species and Graptoveria varieties (one bronze, one pale green and one dark brown). 

Also in this rectangular pot...

A few other highlights in the garden... the Guzmania lingulata bloom looking radiant in the shade :-)

And my dear Iresine herbstii plants (there is a red one hiding at the back) are growing pretty well with some coleuses...

This particular marigold in the pic below (bought, not planted from seed) is amazingly strong. I thought this kind of pom pom flower doesn't hold up well. I was wrong... it lasted for weeks!

Cheers and have a great week!

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  1. It's great to see all your happy plants. The red Aranda looks especially nice against the blue sky. :)

  2. Gorgeous!
    We have orchids as houseplants only recently in my area, but I've never seen an Aranda. They are all Beautiful!

  3. Sorry to note that your hoya is having some bad times.
    Hopefully it will recover.
    Do you have spare plants - like propagate and have more than two plants - just in case one didn't make it and you have another spare?

  4. Very pretty flowers. My Adenium is losing it's leaves as it is getting cold here. I like your orchids; I have just started getting interested in them. Do you have the King Orchid? They are Australian

  5. interesting, isn't it, how some flowers last for ages and others have such fleeting lives. The marigold does look very healthy and solid - and beautiful. Overwatering is a trap, too, I have found, especially for plants in pots where there is nowhere else for the water to run to. Have a good week Steph, cheers, cm

  6. Congratulations on your Aranda blooming! Maybe your tillandsia will soon follow? Or has it bloomed and I just missed the post? Good to see almost everything else is looking good in your garden, yes, even the russelia. Sorry to hear about your Hoya though. Good luck with the propagation.

  7. Your plants are growing beautifully, Steph! Love your aranda orchid. Hopefully your hoya will recover.

  8. Most of your plants are tatally new to me except marigold and adenium!
    They look so healthy!

  9. Some plants are quite predictable on flowering like roselle, ulam raja etc..., orchid has it's own mind and schedule. So is our pokok bakawali. They simply don't operate on time table!

  10. That Aranda is a beautiful Orchid, and that's a huge flower spike. I think any Orchid is always better off when mistreated. I think we kill them with kindness too often. Your Desert Rose is gorgeous and that strawberry pot looks great filled with succulents.

    By the by, I've nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger' Award. I do so hope it brings more readers to your great blog.

  11. Your plant leaves are all healthy green. I like your Aranda very sexy.

  12. Green and Pink flowers are so aggressive i am totally satisfy from your post.
    Thanks for sharing...

    garden centre Lostwithiel

  13. Your plants are looking good. I do not have much luck with orchids, mine has not bloom for more than a year and it looks like it is saying goodbye anytime now.

  14. wow, everything looks so great! I love that red and the succulents too.

  15. James, yes I do. The spare for this hoya is rooted by a leaf cutting but no new growth from the leaf yet :-(

    Adam, nope I don't have a King Orchid. Thanks for sharing and happy planting orchids :-D

    Bom, thanks. My tillandsia looks the same forever! No sign of it flowering yet.

    THANKS Bernie!

    All, will drop by your blog for a visit soon. Have a great day and happy gardening!



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