Brilliant Food for the Creatures

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Colours attract our eyes and the eyes of creatures that are looking for food in the garden. An unknown insect has come by for the bracts of my bougainvillea again :-( It is probably the same insect that gobbled up parts of other plants as well.

I was told that it could be a kind of beetle. But is there any way to shoo this insect away without using any pesticide? I don't like pesticide as I am afraid that it will also repel those wonderful butterflies and bees. In the pic below is a little red spinach, Amaranthus 'Perfect Red'. I think I am growing food for beetle again, hmmm....

I was delighted to see the blooms of my dwarf Angelonia (pic below). The plant doesn't mind heavy pruning! Those new stems grew after a prune... 

So does the Justicia fulvicoma in pic below. The little bush is now covered with red-orange bracts and orange flowers. Bees just love them!

Not sure yet if the bees will come for these Salvia coccinea blooms but they have definitely attracted me! I kept looking at them everyday as their little flowers are really bright and vivid :-)

It is funny to see the Euphorbia milii blooms turned reddish in colour from its yellow bracts. Perhaps they are receiving more sunlight and the change of fertiliser has given them this effect...??? Just as strange, I wonder how sometimes ants knew there is nectar in these blooms. Ants can smell?

These guzmania flower stalks are going to take turns to spent. So far I have not spotted any ants here yet ;-)

Leopard flower, Iris domestic is fairly new to the garden. It has been flowering and flowering but no seedpod yet...

Clerodendrum thomsoniae or popularly known as bleeding-heart vine is another nectar producing plant. When the red flowers are out later, I hope there will be more butterflies in the garden :-)

Have fun growing plants and feeding creatures in the wild!

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  1. Hey Steph!
    You have so many different kinds of flowers and plants in your garden.
    Sure it is a constant battle against vermin and enemies of the plants. I do not want to use pesticides. Hope you see the beetle.
    Hugs to you.

  2. It is good practice not to rely too much on pesticides. I do not use them at all. I frequently check the plants and the offending vermins would be removed and disposed off elsewhere.
    Btw your plants are doing fine and lovely. Your green fingers must be working the magic.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sometimes it can also be the work of the leaf cutting bee.
    I had spotted one cutting the leaves of my roses.
    Your flower blooms looks lovely.

  5. That's a lot of flowering plants in your garden!

  6. Thanks for checking out the video!:) Lovely post again. My leopard lilies are blooming now but i must say that they do much better in my hometown than here.:(

  7. Hey Steph!
    I just want to say I am so happy for your words to me, You make me happy. It's so nice to have a friend to share interests with even so far away.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    Thank you. :)

  8. Have you tried an I insecticidal soap? I heard it works great so I just got some at Walmart. Love the crown of thorns they come In different colors.

  9. It isn't nice to have this small creatures harming plants, but poissionous stuff is best to awoid. Try to knep an eye open, it sometimes helps to place à potatoe at the side, but i'm not sure of you grov them. Here offen beatles prefer them and it's so much etasjer to lay eyes on them then.
    Your Leopard iris is magnificent :)

  10. That's an unusual colour for Angelonia. I thought it came only in purple and white!

  11. Butterflies and bees.I love them all.But not the ants.The ants here have been coming inside the house as well, bad enough there all over outside.
    Happy Sunday/Monday !

  12. Shailaja, yeah I thought so too ;-)

    Candy, Gudrun, Stiletto, Mia, thanks for your suggestion!

    James, ok will note. thanks.

    All, thanks for your lovely comments. Have a blessed day :-D

  13. I am learning new flower name each time I came visit you :). So many lovely collections you have.

  14. Ants can smell? I would like to believe so as they do come after my sweet smelling corn...



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