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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My little cherry time capsicum shrub has been flowering for a while now but only a few have fruited. The first one was growing steadily, grew slightly bigger by the days but the fruit eventually fell off while it was still green :-(

Right in front of the little capsicum shrub, some Amaranthus Perfect Red are maturing. These little plants took some time to gain in size and height. Wonder why? Have you grown this vegetable before? 

Moving towards the shadier area of my garden, I spotted my red Iresine herbstii. I have never seen its leaves so dark before. Probably lesser sunlight did the job, hmmm...

I recall sowing some Celosia cristata seeds into the pot below. Later, I was puzzled by how tiny the plants turned out to be despite having changed a few different fertilisers.

The plant in the pic below is probably the result of self-seeding from those tiny celosias. This time round, the size is about ten times greater but I think it is still far from what it can potentially grow to. 

Meanwhile some new leaves are sprouting from my dear Hoya kerrii cuttings. I am so glad :-)

I am also happy to see my sundew finally flowering :-D 

Money, money, money... just kidding, hehe...

It's just my money plant vine. It's filling the pot nicely, rooted in water. 

Hope every plant in your garden is growing well. Cheers!

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  1. I like how you grow your money plant! Very nice! :)

  2. I also find capsicum and pepper plant grow very slowly - I thought I was maybe growing them in the wrong season.... Your second plant is leaf amaranth - lovely in salads - I planted seeds once and they now pop up all over my veggie garden.

  3. I never had any success with any chilli plants - I guess its much sensitive plant.
    And often I watch with envy when I see cilipadi plants growing along drainsides so easily and freely.
    Even if I uproot them and plant them - they tend to slowly die.

    Nice to see the rest of your garden plants.

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  5. Love your updates Stef. Looking forward to more.


  6. Stephanie; I grow the same little Capsicum, just for something different. Its a glorious small red fruit. Everything looks freash and beautiful in your garden. The Hoya is also called, sweet heart hoya or valentine's hoya. I wished for a money plant!

  7. I did get some success with chillies this year. I don't think they are the easiest plants to grow. Your money plant looks happy! Pretty container!

  8. Full of beautiful flowers, your garden.
    So glad you had more leaves on your hoya. Here I discovered a new small little flower on my talents. It is not fast in the plant exactly.
    Wish you a nice day.

  9. Stephanie,
    Your green thumb just can't get anymore nurturing.
    Your plants all look lovely.
    Oh, the money plant, my neighbors are being dried and she'll be peeling off the leaves to reveal the silver coins.I'm just a bit envious as I've never grown one.
    All my love,

  10. Money plant! That's good!
    I never planted capsicum before.....May be someone can help you! ;)

  11. I am not sure why, maybe some nutrient deficiency. I grow capsicum randomly in the garden, strange that some spot does well some don't.

  12. Love your money plant in the oblong container - nice and simple. Brings a nice touch of green indoors.

  13. Nice plants, Stephanie. Great to see your sundew flowering. You'll have tons of little sundew babies in no time.

  14. Your celosia seems quite healthy. I have grown the red amaranthus, and now they are almost weeds in my garden :(

  15. Hi Stephanie, I love that sundew, so delicate looking, worth the wait. What a shame the capsicum fruit fell off before it was ripe.I hope the one in the photo stays put. Hope you are well, haven't visited for a while, pleased to be back. cheers, catmint

  16. everyhting looks great! my vegetable amaranth grew fast and big - but not nearly as perfectly as yours - mine were riddled with holes. :(



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