Bougainvillea Strikes Back :-D

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Right before the rain, I managed to snap a pic of my bougainvillea for the record. The weather is so unpredictable nowadays my goodness, phew...

This week, or rather the past two weeks, I am so intrigued by my bougainvillea. The bracts never look this good for so long! I wish I can have them forever. No other plant in my garden is flourishing so many flowers at the moment. This precious plant, bougainvillaea is the star of the week :-D

In a tropical garden such as mine, though we have lots of sun we have plenty of rain as well. If the rain is heavy, this mass of bracts may not be so attractive any more as some of these bracts will drop off. See why I have to get to work (snap a shot) before the rain? 

While the bougainvillea requires some attention from the gardener (me!) in order to flourish well, the Pedilanthus tithymaloides plant just grow with great ease without much 'food' or prune. Just that at this time, since the stems have grown so long, probably it's about time to give it a hard prune. Good idea?

I am also proud of my Clerodendrum thomsoniae, bleeding heart. The climber has been sending out both vine and blooms freely recently. I am so glad it is really growing... finally! 

Another climber, Thunbergia laurifolia is happily sending out blooms as well... 

Blooming for the first time is my little Azalea indica, rooted using a small cutting and now growing happily as well :-D

Whether rain or shine, my money plant seems to have no feeling. Although this variegated type grows slower than those all green types, it just grow without any 'complaint' at all -- no yellow or brown leaves but more and more vines/foliage :-D

The Verbena superbena meanwhile is living up to its reputation... very heat tolerant!

I have been pruning this small shrub, Serissa foetida, and now I am glad to see its little white blooms again...

For those who wanted to know what plant is great for tropical climate. I suggest the Mirabilis jalapa (a seed just sprouted) and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis...

Happy gardening in the climate you are in and wish that all your plants are blooming and growing in vigour for you :-D

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  1. Love the sweet pink colors of your bougainvillea!

  2. That bougainvillea has amazingly soft colors. Very nice!! We don't see this variety here.

  3. Oh I love the pale pink color of your bouganvilla. I have planted bouganvilla and bleeding heart vine along my side fence and they are both doing well. I live in a similar climate to you - far north queensland in Australia. This is the time of year that all the tropical flowers enjoy hot and humid! It is more trying for humans.

  4. Hi Stephanie. Your bougainvillea is just gorgeous and I love that yellow hibiscus. I am going to miss color so much soon. LOL!

  5. Hi Stephanie! Your bougainvillea is indeed spectacular. Mine is also flowering, but all the bracts are in the vacant plat at the back:(

  6. I used to have a tall bush of this variety of bouginvellea. The nursery people call it 'ice-cream'. I've given it up because it's just too much work - the flowers just drop at the lightest shower. But its so beautiful, so recently I have a change of heart and acquire a cutting. Your Hibiscus is beautiful. I have a similiar one but sometimes the flowers are deformed.

  7. The bougainvillea look so lovely! That's pretty yellow hibiscus!

  8. I had just recently pruned all of my bleeding heart vine and they are suddenly putting up blooms.

    They seemed to get a little messy and in my garden - well - very messy.
    Don't know if you would like a suggestion.
    Try to strip off all the mature leaves at the base and just keep the young ones.
    That way - you can have a compact setting at the top and when it flowers it gives you a crown of flowers.

  9. Your bougainvillea are looking pretty! Our weather has been kinda crazy lately! Luckily it rained after a hot long spell!

  10. Nice colors of the bougainvilleas...

  11. Yellow hibiscus.... so yellow!, and your soft pink bunga kertas is very welcoming.

  12. Thanks all for reading and writing down your thoughts and suggestions. You are even sweeter than the bougainvillea hehe... My area had several heavy downpours since this post. Thankfully the plants were not smashed too badly by the rain. A few fell over though. Staked them back up and they seems ok now... yay :-D

  13. Hi Stephanie, I am pleased to nominate you for a Beautiful Blogger Award because I love your blog! To accept all you have to do is tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. You can find the BBA thumbnail on my blog for posting it on yours. Regards, STilleTTo



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