It's a Little Pink & Yellow

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ummm... I smell a hoya! My Hoya publicalyx has never failed to delight me with its sweet fragrance. Each time I smell something at my porch, I knew it is my hoya blossoming again. It's flowering non-stop ever since the first bloom came :-D

Although the hoya looks like it takes a lot to produce its numerous, waxy blooms, the vine can actually blossom more frequently than the Monocostus uniflorus... 

Yippie for hippie... its striking big blooms are back! 

The flower stalk slanted and is resting on its good neighbour, the bougainvillea ;-)

The hibiscus blooms are back after a long rest! For some time now, the shrub has been left with very few leaves. Maybe the prolonged rain or the hard prune I did has done it some good. Not sure though. Anyway, I am so glad to see the plant flowering again.

Same goes for this Hibiscus acetosella... ever so charming and sweet :-D

As for the Russelia equisetiformis 'Flava', gosh... must the stems grow so long?! I had a hard time trying to keep them tidy...

There are never-ending buds and blooms from my Salvia coccinea. As long as the plant is happy, I am happy as well ;-)

Hope all is well with you and your plants! Have a great day.

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  1. Absolutely love the Monocostus uniflorus!
    Must try that when I can find seeds.

  2. I love the hoyas but have to restrain myself from planting it due to space constraint.

  3. That's very beautiful and unique monocostus!

  4. I have the red one.
    Those Russelia never seemed to get tidy in my garden and I just let have their bad hairday.
    And to my shock - those branches had decended on the nearby pot and started putting out roots and merged as a new plant.

    They seemed to flower well under a very good hot sun.

  5. Nice hoya. I find H. carnosa to bloom more frequently than H. pubicalyx, though. Glad to see you hippeastrum and hibiscus flowering again. I should prune mine sometimes. That Hibiscus acetosella is gorgeous. Any seeds to spare, haha?

  6. That Hibiscus acetosella looks so pretty...

  7. Wow! I just love those flowers. Hibiscus are my favorites. Brilliant post indeed. Thanks!

  8. Beautiful photographs, beautiful flowers. I am greeting

  9. Great photos Steph! I have always liked Hoyas but don't have one. Maybe some day.

  10. Beautiful photographs, fantastic flowers. I am greeting

  11. beautiful selection of plants!! Would like to experience the hoya one day too...



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