It Has Been A Little Weird

Monday, November 05, 2012

The weather has been getting rather weird of late. The sky was bright and clear in the morning but in the afternoon, lightning and thunderstorm begin to rule. And heavy rain follows suit. 

Nonetheless, for some reason, the rain did not stop the flowers from blooming. For one, my pot of Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium has been really productive. Below is a new flower stalk that opened last weekend. It is the third stalk since the first stalk appeared mid of this year. How I wish for other bulb plants to bloom the same way.

My orange gerbera daisy nearly 'drowned' at one time. Transplanted the little frail plant and now voila... it is flowering again :-D 

Joining the list of orange blooms is my Hibiscus, and it is a big one...

I spotted a few dainty red flowers of Ipomoea quamoclit or commonly known as Cypress Vines at one corner of my garden. Though its leaves are fine as well, it seems like a strong plant... so never judge a book by its cover ;-)

You can't miss bright red flowers in the garden especially when an Adenium obesum is in bloom.

At the beginning of this post, I have mentioned some weird happenings... and here are two plants that are weird looking, Nepenthes sp... 

...and Pedilanthus bracteatus...

My Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Lutea' has been really encouraging. Despite the heavy showers, these yellow petals are still intact. Of course they will eventually wither but new ones kept coming...

This yellow espiscia has not been that good to me till now. Its leaves turn yellow quite often. Not sure if I kept over-watering or over-fertilising the plant. Anyway, glad to see these two flowers, finally!

Rain or shine my dwarf Hemigraphis sp. seems to have no complaint as the white flowers never stop appearing :-)

My Curcuma alismatifolia has woken up. Its pink inflorescence is especially striking in the afternoon, yay!

Anything weird happening in your garden too lately? Cheers!

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  1. Pedilanthus, gorgeous, a real special creature, upps, I ment plant.. It's always like an exotic trip visiting your garden :)

  2. I must confess that I have a love-hate relationship with this weather. On one hand, the cool temperature is truly a godsend. However on the other hand my plants are taking this as a break from flowering. There are flowers on almost every bush but rather scanty. Worse of all, unlike your Hippeastrum, mine is sulking too! Don't let me even begin to talk about the mosquitoes.

  3. I love your cheerful orange gerbera daisy and hibiscus. The weather here is weird for November, still nice and warm.

  4. Oi, Sthephanie! Seu jardim continua lindo, como sempre! Visitar seu blog é sempre um prazer para nossos olhos!

    Realmente o clima tem mudado. Aqui está ficando mais quente e no tempo da seca - entre junho e setembro - fica ainda mais seco, com queimadas por toda parte. Elas são provocadas até por garrafas pets que esquentam muito com o calor do sol (jogadas por pessoas sem consciência ambiental). Meu jardim, na época da seca, precisa de muito mais cuidado do que há alguns anos. Se descuido um só dia de minhas hortências, elas começam a murchar. É, amiga, infelizmente o tempo tem mudado muito!

    Um bom dia pra você!

  5. Your plants seems to be doing well in our crazy weather. The constant rain and too much water has not been good on my spring onion plants! But the citrus plants have abundance of new branches growing! The sad thing is the flowers of my citrus plants have dropped off because of the heavy rain!

  6. Lovely flowers! I pruned the plants; waiting from them to grow. Due to cyclone (Nilam), weather has been funny, and has affected the plants. Expecting one more depression due to BOB 03.

  7. Of all the plants I have - Espiscia seemed to be the most temperamental plant I ever come across.
    When they do well - they are very beautiful but the moment the season is over - it will start to succumb.
    This one - I never consider a hardy plant and the higher the hybrid - the more sensitive it is.

    I would suggest to plant it as ground cover - it seemed to do so much better than as hanging pot.
    But only plant your spare as sometimes - even those - don't really come up.

  8. Your garden is beautiful as usual! Can't wait to get started on mine. Have to settle the inside first before I can get started on the outside. Hope it won't be too long as I can itching to get back into gardening.

  9. Very pretty orange hibiscus flower...

  10. This is really beautiful garden! You have many flowers right now! My adenium is not looking cook now....sigh....

  11. I am looking more forward to see what blooms in your garden each month now so I can anticipate hoping it will bloom in our garden too. The hippies grown in Adelaide was not growing at all and now I brought back to Malaysia I can see how they love the heat. Pretty gerbera. Mine got mowed over, lucky with the rain it has sprouted new leaves and grow vigorously.

  12. Those are some beautiful flowers! And nice Nepenthes you got there. Hope it flourishes under your care, though it looks like it can use a little bit more sun. I've nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers award and linked to your blog.

  13. steph,any pointers on how to grow tulips in klang valley?bought a bulb on impulse during an overseas trip,now wondering how to plant it with our non-Maxwell Hill climate

  14. Jupester, try to grow it at the window sill or somewhere cool. Do not overwater. Water only when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Good luck and send me pics when it blooms! Btw, if you have extra bulbs, give them to a friend who stays at the hills for Christmas ;-)

  15. looks good despite the weirdness! :)



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