Cool Blooms

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Solandra longiflora looks marvellous with more than one bloom on the vine. When the first bloom opened one evening, it sent a pleasant 'signal' to my nose. This time round, with the cooler weather, the scent was even more intense.

Later more flowers started to appear and ta da...

More to the eyes than the nose is my Thunbergia laurifolia (huge but no fragrance). This vine and S. longiflora have the biggest trumpet blooms in my garden. Just that the rain was just too heavy for the flowers to hang on to the vines longer.

These bright orange blooms from the Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo' vine grow bigger as they blossom. And it is amazing to watch how vivid the colour is.

Aster laevis is really pretty this time round. There are three stalks of flowers buds from this same pot of China Aster. This stalk opened first...

This is really a rare occurance, my Christia obcordata flowered some tiny blooms...

The other plant that bears tiny flower is my Sundew, Drosera tokaiensis...

These small fruit are from my Medinilla sp. As you can see, very few fruit have formed...

Cyathula prostrata also flowered. Some call this plant Iresine. Anyone can confirm the ID? (If you click on 'Cyathula prostrata' in 'Labels' below, you will be able to see more pics of this plant)

And this little plant below, hmm... is it a Pilea sp.? The plant has dried up a bit. I guess I didn't water it well enough...

On a brighter note, my Begonia rex-cultorum hybrid has suddenly sprung back to live ;-D

Lastly, I am so happy to see a little young Hoya kerrii leaf (the first!) appearing...

The wet spell is actually not that bad after all. Well, not sure if all the blooms are due to the cooler weather or if it's just the right timing for them to blossom though. In any case, I am really happy. Cheers :-)

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  1. The scent from fresh flowers are lovely, I so miss it outside but sometimes I get it inside thanks to my Hoyas. Your Kerri will soon start to bloom too I guess, once it starts growing it tends to grow a lot.
    Lovely flowers from your today (as usual) and hopefully not to bad weather.
    Take care :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, my second latest post was on Solandra. Mine has no smell. Your plants are as healthy and lovely as ever.

  3. Lovely blooms, Stephanie! The aster is especially pretty!

  4. Awesome... Have you ran out of room yet?..You have so many interesting plants I'm amaze that you still have space for them.

  5. hi Steph,
    i have sent u an e-mail. Please check.

  6. You have a lot of exotic plants which I never seen before! Where you get them? Awesome!

  7. Hi Stef ...
    I send you all my best thoughts...♥ Happy to stop a moment in your beautiful garden..
    Thank you to stop by my's nice to see you ..:)

  8. It's so nice seeing your flowers and plants, a treat to my eyes. White with snow here :)
    Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Love the solandra and thunbergia. Good to know that your sundew is flowering too. Pretty soon you'll have lots of babies!

  10. Steph, happy new year to you and your loved ones!

  11. Very nice Steph! Hey hope you had a Merry Christmas and a super New Year! Talk with you soon.

  12. Nice to see some unique collection in your garden Steph.

    Wishing you a productive and happy New Year 2013!

  13. Another amazing collection of blooms. I'm not familiar with all of them.

    Wishing you the very best for the New Year. Have a wonderful 2013!!

  14. The first ones very big trumpet. In Facebook will press 'LIke' :).

  15. Hey girl, thanks for the great visit. Beautiful blooms. I am sad that my pink bower froze back this year. I have had two years of tremendous growth and it was looking spectacular! Bummer! Oh well it will grow back and it's nice to look at yours!

  16. Hi Steph,
    From your bloomed christia obgodata, did you manage to get some seeds? Do you have the stripes or plain green ones?

    1. Hi Zahir Khan, only flowers no seeds. I was growing the stripes type and for a long time. Then unfortunately when it rained too much last year I think, they all died :-(



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