Honey-Sweet Blossom

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Hoya kerrii flowers have opened! I am so thrilled to see two bunches of them opening one at a time. They may not be as gorgeous as its pretty leaves... still good enough to bring some cheers.

Pic below is one of them...

A day later, I saw nectar oozing out from its central crown of the flower. Looks like sweet syrup, so I tasted it. It is reeaaally sweeeeet!! 

The scent however, was rather mild.

Actually it is just not these blooms that I am so thrilled about. Few months back I thought this vine was going to die on me as its leaves suddenly kept turning yellow and dropping. It is amazing how the vine has bounced back, growing healthy leaves and flowering :-) 

Sometimes I think the weather affects the hoya. What is your take?

Another cheer was brought by a good friend who brought back a pretty green orchid as a souvenir for me from her fun-filled family trip to Kelantan. Love it! Perhaps a Dendrobium species? Anyone can confirm? 

It's a sympodial - have bulbs that grows horizontally. 

The same friend also grows some plants. Earlier I took some cuttings from her Jasminum sambac shrub. It's really easy to grow and propagate but I have yet to find out the cultivar name though. Anyone know?

And this one below... not as easy to grow in my opinion but still happily growing is the Aphelandra squarrosa. Commonly known as Zebra Plant and quite popular. Here is a new flower bract that has been growing for a few weeks...

Hope you have lots of happy plants in your garden. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh how fascinating Stephanie. I love it. Your plants look so lush and green. Have a wonderful week.

  2. You tasted it? wow, I always thought somehow they were toxic.. New learning again. Kerrii looks amazing I find, but so I like all Hoyas as you know. The flowering in your garden are lovely :)

    1. Well, I just tasted a little bit of the nectar. Good thing it didn't kill me hehe... Maybe it needs a cup of it to send me to heaven ;-)

    2. It is dendrobium orchid, i forgot the name but if it is well taken care of it will bloom a whole year that i nicknamed it perennial orchid; the colour will turn to yellow when it is exposed to the sun.

      By the way what happened to your calla lily?

    3. Hi gardener, thanks for the confirming that the orchid is a dendrobium orchid. I have a feeling this one don't like too much sunlight as a flower just wilted today due to the sunny sky. My calla lilies, as far as I can recall, they didn't re-bloom. And I suspect the bulbs have rotted already by now. Hope yours are doing well.

  3. Your hoya blooms are stunning!! I have that same jasmine...the fragrance is heavenly! Right now I'm fascinated by a wild turmeric bloom that has opened up under my mango tree.
    The zebra plant isn't common here. You do have the most unique collection!

  4. Maybe Dendrobium Aridang Green X Olive Green.

  5. Lovely plants, Stephanie. The oozing nectar of the Hoya is so tempting haha. And yes, that's a Dendrobium hybrid. Mine has adapted to full sun.

  6. That's so beautiful Hoyo flower! I always admire this plant!
    Happy weekend to you too!

  7. Its amazing to see so much nectar oozing from the Hoya flowers. Looks like they have to over-compensate for their small flowers. To ensure a good welcome to the pollinators, they added a fragrance too.

  8. simply beautifully captured shots... lovely!

  9. Hi Stephanie,
    Your hoya flowers are really pretty! I have not seen it before. And the oozing nectar, did it invite any bees or birds?
    The green orchid is another gorgeous one!

    1. I didn't notice it, kitchen flavours but I am sure the bees will go for it :-)

  10. Mind if I can have some nectar? haha.. Lovely plants.



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