At Last!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I have been waiting for new happenings to show up in my garden these days so that I could post something new but nothing out of the ordinary has been seen. Anyway, how's everyone doing? 

The little guy below took a while to open and before that to grow back its lush leaves.

I was glad to see the first bloom opens. I have seen many gardeners having success with Ground Orchid, Spathoglottis kimballiana but I find it really difficult as the tubers kept rotting due to the prolong rain and I suspect the wild squirrels come around to dig and eat them as well. Anyway, good thing I didn't give up. Here is the bloom... I used to have a few colours but now only this remained.

My poor Azalea flower didn't get to blossom well this time. After the below stage it has been destroyed by the heavy rain.

The Ant Plant, Dischidia pectenoides that I have a hard time finding a suitable place for it to climb and thrive has at last, after having been chucked at the base of my Bokchoonara orchid for it to climb onto the orchid, is now doing rather well ;-)

Perhaps one plant that stood out better than the rest during this period of bad weather is the Kaempferia pulchra. The leaves suddenly show more and more patterns and its flowers have been blossoming too. 

Happy watching your plants flower and show off their beautiful foliage. Have a great weekend!

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  1. my place now the condition is dry and warm.. some of the plants didnt go well... except for the vegies...

  2. I have exactly the same problem with Ground Orchids here too. They tend to rot during our heavy wet season. I think I'll have to just have them growing in pots from now on. I do so love the colour of yours. I only ever see the plain purple ones here.

    Love your Kaempferia. Mine are just starting to go dormant again. They have put on their best show so far. It's a shame your beautiful white Azalea was ruined by the rain.

    1. Bernie, also planting the ground orchid under a shelter helps a lot ;-)

  3. Fantastic flowers ! The rain must have been very heavy to damage your blooms.

  4. Pretty blooms! I'm away from home now visiting my sons in Delhi but my husband tells me it rained a lot. Thank God, my plants aren't drying up.

    Hope all is well with you.:)

  5. The ground orchid colour is very pretty like it very much. Did not know that the ground orchid tubers are edible. Interesting.

  6. Everyone is having so much rain, but funny my ground orchids just soak it up. I have two shades of purple, but I really like the color you have.

  7. Hi Steph... good to hear that your garden is springing back to action... mine is just about to pick up now that the weather is warming up... I have moved my blog host to Wordpress... would be lovely if you can drop by...

  8. The Kaempferia always present with surprises when its least expected. I love them and the soft lavender colour is simply pretty.

  9. It's great to see plants growing lush and produce flowers!

  10. Hi Steph,
    My garden is even more boring! That was why there was no updating on my potted garden! :(

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    That orchid is unique ...i have seen ground orchids in yellow,white, purple & violet color but not shaded ones like above.
    Here we are waiting for monsoons...its been a long long summer for us this time ..... hope they sprung up some colorful surprises :)
    Happy gardening



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