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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One morning as I was walking in the garden after a light rain, I spotted one Hibiscus acetosella flower was about to blossom. But due to the rain, the petals were all covered with water. I was hoping when the sun come up, the petals will dry up and will open up nicely. Sadly, it didn't manage to recover...

I also did some gardening chores and managed to do a couple of things over the week. I replanted my old Carissa macrocarpa, hoping to have a smaller bush to make way for other plants that need more space to stretch their 'feet' ;-)

Many of my succulents were affected by flash storms and prolonged rains. Many have rotted in the process. I managed to save some to be regrown and hopefully no more heavy rainfalls after this!

Talking about rotting plants, I recall planting these bulbous plants: Iris domestica, Tulbachia violacea, Bulbine frutescens, Polianthes tuberosa 'The Pearl' and Spathoglottis plicata. They are all gone now :-(

On the other hand, the Petrea volubilis known as sandpaper vine has been growing with great ease and blossoming wonderfully. Yay!

My few years old Sarracenia Juthatip Soper also brought some cheer! A few more new pitchers have sprouted recently :-)

The one below is the Sabah snake grasses (botanical name: Clinacanthus nutans). Still in the little pot waiting for the gardener to repot them ;-)

Hope what you have read here did not bore you. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you lost so many plants Steph. I know how I feel when I lose some of mine.Your succulents will spring back and I am glad you got to save a few.
    I have a new blog address:

  2. Cheer up Steph, you still have other plants that will soon grow beautifully.

  3. You plants look good despite all the bad weather! It's very hot now! I really hope for little rain on and off.... ;)

  4. Too bad it didn't recover as I can already see that it was a great beauty :-). I am loving that vine with purple flowers :-). And the pitcher plants also look nice. Any suggestion for growing lemon grass from seed?

    1. KL, easiest way to grow the plant here is to just root the fresh stalk of lemon grass in water first before settling it into the soil :-) Sorry, I have not grown a lemon grass from seed before.

  5. Sorry about your succulents, Stephanie!

    Your photos are so pretty. I love the hibiscus with the dark foliage - very striking!

  6. I have many succulents. I would suggest to plant them in shade as our weather is quite notoriously bad when it rains & this is not good for succulents plants.
    They can handle shade but they cannot handle too much water - as once a week watering is fine for them.

    Love your sandpaper vine - they do gloriously bloom.

  7. Nice to hear from you soon.
    I'm a lover of succulents.
    Just want to be specific on what I mentioned.
    They are sun lovers but they cannot handle wet-feet. You can water them once a week - even flooding them in watering - but it must be totally bone dry until the next watering.

    If you want to put it on your decor table or somewhere you can admire. Water them sparingly.
    Once they started to rot - there is so little hope in rescuing them.
    As I have noticed - I think you have this succulent for some years now right?
    Do you still have the parent plant?

    1. Hi James, Yes I have that blueish green one for some years already but now I am afraid I don't have the parent plant anymore. One reason is that it needs to be replanted once the top gets heavy and fall over. Actually I have been planting this succulent out in the open as it needs the sun to grow thick and strong. The prolonged rain compacted the soil and caused water-logging. With the many new plants in the garden, I tend to neglect the older plants.

  8. Hibiscus acetosella So sexy ;).
    Petrea volubilis So cheerful.

  9. Sorry about your succulents.. however you do have a great garden by the way.



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