After the Haze, More Blooms!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Happy July and greetings everyone! :-D 

The sky has cleared up and no more haze, everyone is back to work and so is the gardener  weeding, pruning and snapping pictures...

The Strophanthus preussii has been quite productively. Each time it flowers, it  flowers profusely! The white and yellow blooms are so noticeable under the bright sun. The tresses swing and tangle up when the wind blows. Sometimes, they can look pretty messy.

If you are thinking of cherries after looking at the picture below, the answer is no, haha... They are not cherries but Acerola fruits from my little bonsai. One had dropped to the floor and the other probably eaten by a bird.

In front of the little Acerola plant is the dwarf Azalea that I have been posting all this while. I think the moderate sunlight (thanks to the haze?) made it possible for the flowers to develop better. The middle petals were better formed and these two blooms stayed fresh on the shrub for more many days.

Here is a new succulent, K. tomentosa that I have just added to the my collection of succulents recently. Seems to be fairing well :-D

After the haze, not all is well though as many plants shed their leaves. The hibiscus leaves turned yellow, the gardenia foliage dried up and I am not sure if the plant will be able to bounce back. Also many leaves had dropped off the Variegated Madras Thorn, sigh...

Anyway, here is the highlight... the flower bud from my new Jasmine sambac plant that has been forming for several days has blossomed this week. Believe it or not, I can even smell the sweet fragrance while it's at the budding stage...

And when the bud opened, the flower looks like a rose! The many layers of petals amazes me and... 

...the bloom was so enchanting, just like what my neighbour's mum has been telling me. This Jasmine is a gift from her and she told me I will be surprised to see how gorgeous the blooms would be. It did surprised me!!

Anyone can tell what cultivar is this jasmine?

Meanwhile, the red trumpet blooms of my Cypress Vine (scientific name: Ipomoea quamoclit) are too attractive to ignore. But the vine is so fast growing that I find it quite troublesome to maintain. I have to train or discard stray vines very regularly, hmm... 

Nevertheless, I am enjoying the good weather now. And happy gardening, fellow gardeners!

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  1. Hi:) Your star turn the Jasmine flower is indeed very beautiful. You have a nice neighbour:) As I love white flowers, the new blooms on your dwarf Aazalia are very pretty also.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Your jasmine is quite lovely. I hope you find out what cultivar it is.

  3. I like your Strophanthus preussii - it looks rather exotic.

  4. glad the haze is finished. How interesting to have a bonsai tree with normal size fruit!

  5. I'm so glad you are getting better weather! We have been hot, hot, hot! Having a good summer though!

  6. I am so glad to see that your garden is still blooming well, Steph.

  7. The Acerola fruits are stunning Red!

  8. I love the Ipomea quamoclit, but the vines are indeed quite hard to control. The only cultivar of Jasminum sambac that I know of which is rose-like is the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

  9. Thanks for confirming the cultivar of the Jasmine, Sean L & gardener! Btw, some pics I saw, the leaves are rounder...

    1. One that I had previously had leaves that vary from pointed to very rounded. I think the double type and Grand Duke have thicker and glossier leaf texture than the single-petaled ones, and can produce rounder leaves. The buds sometimes fail to open and turn into brown mush, especially in very wet weather.

    2. Sean L, thank you for letting me know your experience/discovery! I will take note and see if mine will have some round ones later. Yes, the flower just turn yellow to brown mush after the rain... sigh...

  10. Happy July to you! All of your flowers are adorable. Thank you for sharing all of these pictures.



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