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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Min ga la ba! (Hello!)

My first time to Myanmar was more than 10 years ago. Last month, I went there again, as a tag-along-traveller following an unplanned itinerary. The enchanting town, Pyin Oo Lwin, also known as The City of Flowers and the botanic garden, National Kandawgyi Gardens just knocked my socks off. I was overwhelmed by so much beauty to see!

Pynn Oo Lwin is 71 kilometres away from Mandalay, the capital of Upper Myanmar and situated at 1,078 metres above sea level. Glimpses of the past could be seen through old colonial buildings and horse carriages ferrying passengers here and there. 

I took too many pictures. If you have time, you can watch some of the pictures I took of the town in slideshow below...

For a shorter version, just click here to view my Facebook album.

And the below is a slideshow of the National Kandawgyi Gardens...

Or checkout the pics from my Facebook album here

Formerly known as the National Botanical Gardens, the National Kandawgyi Gardens was established in 1915 by Mr Alex Rodger, the forest research officer with the help of Lady Cuffe a noted botanist from the famous Kew Botanical Gardens.

Originally just 12 hectares, the botanic garden now occupies a huge area of more than 150 hectares, comprising a natural forest, a wildlife sanctuary, a walk-in aviary, lakes, recreational lawns and a number of gardens including a rock garden.

The pic below is the first sight of the gardens proper of the botanic gardens.

Oh how I love to be there again!

My full story on The City of Flowers and the National Kandawgyi Gardens was published in the New Straits Times last Sat. You can read it hereMy email address was unfortunately wrongly published in the article :-(

Thwa dau mal (Goodbye)

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  1. Stephanie, your pictures are beautiful. I have heard of this place, I would love to go there, have to find out when is the best time.

    1. Titania, well, I was told by the locals, there are 3 seasons - summer, rainy and winter. When I was there last month (mid-July), it was the beginning of the rainy season... had very light shower in the early morning and cloudy for the rest of the day. I didn't have to wear a hat when I was outside ;-)

  2. What a beautiful part of the world! I will get there one day. Thanks for sharing your trip :)

    1. It was an unforgettable trip for me. I hope it will be the same for you Angie!

  3. Oh! it seems like a huge botanical garden. I would love to visit it. I watched the slide show. From about 1:53 minutes to about 2:50 (a little before), there was this flute music. Were you playing it? It was beautiful.

    1. Oh no KL that wasn't me. haha... The artist is Nils Frahm :-)

  4. Oh so lovely! It's a nicely written article. The Paphiopedilum is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Asha for compliments ;-) The Paphiopedilum was situated in a hut and have a person manning the place. Precious!

  5. Hi Steph, what a coincidence, that we both went to Myanmar, and both wrote about it. I haven't been to Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin. It is such a big country, and we didn't have that long. But I hope to go back, and thanks to your post and article in NST, I know where to go next! The gardens look wonderful.

    1. Hi sue catmint, yup it was. I enjoyed reading your post about your trip also. Myanmar is indeed an amazing country and there are lots of beautiful places to discover ;-)



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