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Friday, August 02, 2013

There are too many things to be done these days but good thing the weather has been quite moderate. I don't have to water as frequently as I used to. Also I didn't feed my plants as frequently. 

Well, that is why not many plants are blooming. Many are growing more foliage - taller and bushier only. A few however are good in giving me some excitement. For example, in the evenings I like to catch my Oxalis going to sleep :-)

Every now and then, out of the blue, the Monocostus uniflorus will send out a bloom or two. It is a delight to see its yellow flowers. The colour was so cheery and attractive at the same time.

So is my Gloxinia. This red and white one, though the bloom is not that big this time I was just over the moon when it blossomed for it has not been flowering well for some time already. Love its alluring colours!

The Black Bat Flower has not been resting at all! The plant has been sending out endless stalk of 'bats'. I am so amazed by its productivity. It's really scary!!

This purplish Torenias that I have in my garden has been 'working hard', re-sowing itself ever since I started gardening many moons ago! Though it behaves like weeds, I still like it as it has super cute blooms :-D

Few months back I made a couple of pots using hypertufa mixture. It was my first time trying my hands at it. And... voila :-D

I am surprised that the hypertufa technique is easy to follow. Want to know how to make them? Click here.

To be happy for a lifetime, plant a garden!

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  1. Torenias are one of my favourite annuals. Sometimes when they re-seed you get a different colour/s from the parent plant.

  2. Oh my word I love the first plant you show. It's so unusual but so decorative.

  3. Your house plants look so good! I wonder what is the secret! ;) Mine struggling to grow i would say ....hahhaha..

  4. hi Stephanie, the Black bat is truly amazing - a worthy plant to have. Have a good weekend.

  5. Your gloxinia looks healthy and happy!! I planted two recently but one died and the other's leaves are getting bigger. I don't think I've come across the Bat flower before. How unusual! I'll check out the link on the hypertufa...the succulents look great!

  6. I love the little pots you made from the Hypertufa I have been meaning to make some myself but never got around to it..... So Cute!

    Thanks for the link..

  7. You made those pots using your own hand!!?? Absolutely stunning -- no difference between an amateur and professional pottery. I am loving the pink&white flower (impossible for me to remember all these names!) and the leaves of first picture -- they are folded.

  8. lovely post - it's so satisfying when the plants are growing away happily.

  9. The handmade pots are fantastic!

    1. I was thrilled to see them upon completion. I thought they were fantastic too hehe...



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