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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I grow my plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly is for the joy of seeing them grow -- David Hobson

The sight of blooms is always an attraction. I enjoy the process also. First a healthy plant then come beautiful blooms. The joy of seeing the plants grow is doubled when you don't really have care so much about them...

I have enjoyed growing this Tacca chantrieri aka Black Bat Flower a lot. The plant not only flourish well, it flowers well also. And the best part is, I just need to ensure that plant has enough water. On several occasions the plant was droopy and lifeless but quickly regained its vigour after a thorough watering. 

The bloom is an inflorescence. Watch how it blossom...

The pic below shows the top of the blossom that is opening and its filaments are growing out from the bud. 

Followed by small black flowers...

After a few days, the bloom is fully opened. Read more about this black beauty, Tacca chantrieri and find out how I grow the plant at home here in Malaysia in this article

My Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus' aka Satin Pothos that is sitting in water has popped out a new leave. 

And here is my collection of ferns that is slowly increasing. I like seeing their various texture and its green shade soothes the eyes. Oh, and not forgetting they purify the air as well, yay!!

Next to the Satin Pothos is my new Cladophora aegagropila a.k.a Marimo or Moss Ball. Marimo is said to be very slow growing and grow 5mm a year only. Hmm... don't think I will able to see its algae filaments flourishing but hopefully see the ball increase in size next year...

Enjoy watching your plants grow in size and numbers :-D

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  1. Que floração diferente, ela respondeu bem ao seu cuidado.

  2. Hello Stephanie,

    It is very pleasant to follow the growth and development of plants we care for.
    Your plants are beautiful and I can see that you take care of them very fondly.
    Plants delight the eye and reflect life.
    I enjoyed seeing the process of this first flowering plant. Very interesting.

    Hopefully you already recovered from the flu.


    1. Hello Vera, yes I have recovered from the flu. Thank you. This tacca plant is special as the blooms look like a bat. Although it has flowered numerous times, I am still very excited each time I see a new flower stalk... plants delight the eyes :-)

  3. Hello ! Your plants are beautiful and very decorative :)
    Greetings, Ela

    1. Ela, you are so kind. You have many amazing plants yourself. Cheers, Stephanie

  4. You have snap beautiful flowers blooming! Your fern collections are so good!

    1. Thank you Malar. Btw I am looking at the ferns right now. It feels good to see them while blogging :-)

  5. Fascinating. Is the Black Bat something which only grows in your part of the world? I love learning about new (to me) plants.

    1. I have come across on the Internet, gardeners in temperate climates do grow this black bat flower plant, Susan. Glad you asked.

  6. The black bat flower is unique while the leaves areattractive in itself. I used to have the satin pothos but it has long since done a disappearing act.

    1. I find the leaves interesting also. They may look really robust but once not watered well, they will go lifeless. But it is fun to see the leaves stand up again after watering ;-)

  7. Nice to see the Satin Pothos doing so well in that little container.
    My friend had it & it slowly died due to lack of light (he kept it in total shade indoors)
    I didn't know you were into marimo moss balls.
    They cost a bomb!

    1. That marimo was RM25! Yes expensive!! Satin pothos when it is growing in soil in my bright and hot porch the leaves sometimes turn yellow due to over watering and cloudy sky. This cutting that is sitting in water, I just leave it in the kitchen and once a week I put it near the window for the leaves to gather more sunlight.



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