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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The deep pink boom of this Othello rose (Rosa 'Othello') gets lighter by the days. It is nevertheless a brilliant big rose and it is beautiful. 

Every time I look at the rose, it just reminded me of rose syrup that I wanted to make for a long long time. But with just one bloom... nah ;-)

Flaunting another angle of the rose, hehe...

There are times that I do not recognise the weeds that are growing wildly in the garden. But this time when I saw these Yellow Wood Sorrels (Oxalis corniculata), I just can't wait to pull them out from the soil. It's one of those weeds that never cease! 

Notice there is another plant growing next to it, at the bottom of the pic? It is called the Artillery Plant (Pilea microphylla). I have plenty of these in the garden. Never seems to die as well :-(

I have repotted many plants recently. One of them is my Sarracenia Juthatip Soper. It has not been flourishing well for a long time. Hence, repotted the plant into some new sphagnum moss. Do you think the plant look graceful?

This dwarf Hemigraphis sp. was wilting away at one time. This week, it has came alive as its foliage has covered back the whole pot. Also flowering...

Created any terrariums recently? Below is one of my recent works. Plucked one little Haworthia cactus from the garden to grow it inside the bottle below. After a few days, I was so glad to see the cactus flourishing inside...

My Succulents Under The Sea... (click here to see how I created this open terrarium) :-D

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow... beautiful! Is Sarracennia a kind of carnivora plant? I'm amazed that you can grow it well on your garden. And the terarium are fantastic...

    1. Yes the Sarracenia is a carnivorous plant. I think they have really pretty long pitchers :-)

  2. The Yellow Wood Sorrels look like they have clover leaves! I love your beautiful huge red rose, and can understand why you don't want to cut it just yet.
    Have a Happy Weekend Steph!:)

    1. Oh yes you are right! Those yellow wood sorrel leaves do look like those of a clover. Re rose, I cut the bloom after it has faded as I have only one to show in the garden :-(

  3. The ruffled petals of the rose distinguish it from the more commonly seen flower forms.

    1. How observant you are, Mystic Dreamer! I never thought of that. This is a pretty productive rose, flowers all the time :-)

  4. I have the 2nd weed here.....very strong weeds!
    Rose syrup? I dream of it too! hahahhaha....

    1. I don't like that weed! Hey enjoy your roselle drink first while waiting for that rose syrup hehe...



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