Therapeutic Indulgence

Monday, November 10, 2014

I spent a few days shopping for (and buying!) plants last week, which was very therapeutic :-) Seeing the many gorgeous plants, I was so tempted to bring home all of them!! Alas, I stuck to my old favourites.

I spotted a group of Gloxinias on a rack at one nursery and quickly picked up two -- one red and one blue with white edges up. And on a nearby rack I found some African Violets that were just too hard to resist. They look absolutely lovely when put together :-)

Meanwhile, my old red with white edges Gloxinia was (and is!) blooming happily in the garden. The blooms stayed for a longer period of time due to the wet weather and cooler temperature. Good thing the mealybugs that have infested the shrub didn't kill it, haha...

Can you spot the Gloxinia in the pic below?

My Medinilla that has also been infested by mealy bugs find it hard to flower though :-(

A few whitish leaves from my Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum sp.) appeared recently. Blooming soon or what?

And this Tillandsia 'Multiflora' that I had for years has now sent out a few coloured leaves... I can't wait to see its bloom!

Meanwhile, the orchid blooms are still in tact but has paled.

Lobelia in bloom!!

Can you spot the Lobelia in the midst of these potted plants?

My terrariums... oh, how I love them! It has been so fun to build this one. The palm-like shrub that is planted here came from my own garden. It sprouted from one of the pots. I knew it wasn't a weed so I let it grew and it fitted perfected into this terrarium that I have created :-D

I finally get to harvest some Caixin 'Hong Kong' leaves. Well, not enough for even a dish unfortunately. I had to buy some extras to cook together.

Lastly, these are some of the other plants that I brought back from the nurseries... yippie!! 

Happy gardening!

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  1. Wow! That's very good shopping indeed! you have collection of special plants!

    1. It was until I realised that I had used up all my cash! But I think the prices of plants are higher now... hmmm... got to refrain from overspending the next time hehe...

  2. Hi Steph!
    Gloxinia are beautiful and so to see the blooms in your garden and a big2 smile share with you for the new plants you bought. I also buy three new plants today. Ohhh..happy!

    1. Yes I know, Normala! Bringing home some wonderful plants keep us happy... Oh I love growing Gloxinia. The shrub re-blooms well :-)

  3. Wow!!!
    Gloxinias and African Violets.
    They never manage to stay alive in my garden.
    Oh.. how I wish you would share me your secrets in keeping them alive.

    Most of the plants you have here amazes me.
    I never knew that there is this blue Lobelia - the common ones I used to see are the white..
    Or if they are indeed the same species.

    1. Haha... we have different likings that all :-) Re lobelia, I hope this will last long. You have a white one? I recall seeing the same plant with white flowers at the nursery. AV does not stay forever haha... but Gloxinia does :-D Happy gardening!!

  4. Hello Stephanie,

    It was a pleasure to see you again in my blog.
    Working with plants is a therapy. Buy them too, lol.
    Your plants are beautiful. It was easy to identify the Gloxinia and Lobelia in photographs.


    1. Hello Vera,

      Glad to hear from you!
      It's a lovely morning here as the sun is not that hot. I hope to do some gardening work later today. Many of my plants are hungry for food haha...
      Happy blogging and thanks for your wonderful words.


  5. Hey Steph! How great to peek at your patio with all that collection of's been a while! I love making terrariums and even my daughter created a few for her college dorm. Recently tried my hand at making a hypertufa mold and will fill it with succulents come spring. Have a wonderful Holiday season! Lynn

    1. Hello Lynn! It's so nice to hear from you and glad you peeked <3 Your daughter is into gardening? It's a big surprise for me, she must have inherited some of those 'green finger' genes from her mother :-D I have created a few terrariums recently and I am glad they all are working with just a bit of tidying here and there during the initial first week :-) oh my gosh you are into hypertufa? Wow I love this project also. The hypertufa pots make succulents look so beautiful! I am sure your garden will look really pretty come spring. Have a blessed season too! Cheers, Stephanie

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    Wow, fantastic shopping! Lovely collection of plants!
    All your plants are doing great! They look healthy and vibrant.
    Your will be very busy with your new additions in your garden! Happy Gardening!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I saw many gorgeous plants and so tempted to get them all haha... In the end I shortlisted according to my budget. Yup I really hope they will do great. I am also busy with writing garden articles and once I have the time I will do all the necessary chores like weeding (!) first. Then feeding and then.... enjoy! Happy gardening to you too :-D



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