B-r-o-m Time

Monday, December 08, 2014

There is nothing as satisfying as seeing the bromeliads in my garden blooming and glowing. I am so glad to see a few of them blooming at the same time. The wait is over, yay!

Not sure if this is the norm... the flower stalks of my Billbergia pyramidalis grew towards the direction where there is greater sunlight. The bright orangy-red of the flower heads were outstanding. They look like torches.

Earlier, after they emerged from the foliage, they grew taller and the flower heads opened up really fast. 

They however took some time to rise above the foliage. I spotted them one morning and thought how attractive they will be when the flower heads open. And indeed as you can from the first pic, they were :-D

The other bromeliads that were about to send their flower stalks are Guzmania lingulata and...

...Tillandsia 'Multiflora'... all red flower stalks!!

Meanwhile, my Rosa 'Othello' has been quite productive. This flower is slightly lower than the other one which has blossomed on a tall stem but it is smaller in size.

A rose-like flower form my Gloxinia lasted for a week! The weather was really cooling. We had no sun for many days hence the petals did not wilt and able to just stay on the plant a longer period of time.

I  love the sight of my Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield' as the flower is sweet and cheery at the same time. 

It is fun to grow some edibles. And here are flowers and a fruit of my latest edible addition - Mini watermelon....

I hope the wild squirrel wouldn't detect this fruit... else I would have no chance to eat it.

Last but not least, The Beautiful Phalaenopsis! It has been flowering non-stop and these two flowers are the longest lasting ones thus far. I am seeing another flower stalk growing behind this stalk, yippie!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. All are happy blooming! I love the orchid ( ? ) flowers..the combination of pink & green looks like watercolors painting.

    1. You are right Normala. Yes the petals look like painted with watercolours haha... You just made me recall my art class lessons :-D TQ.

  2. Hi Steph, I've been looking at some of your interesting published articles. You are incredibly busy, congrats on your success. Growing watermelon in a pot sounds great. And the Phalaenopsis is the most wonderful colour.

    1. Hi sue catmint, thanks for the congrats and glad you found the articles interesting. Yup I have been reading, writing and gardening a lot to keep up with the demand. The watermelon has grown bigger in size and will keep you updated in my next post if the squirrel doesn't get it first. You have a great day!

  3. Watermelon in pot? tht's really amazing! Hope you can harvest the fruit! ;)

    1. Just a mini one hehe... Yah hope I can harvest soon haha...

  4. A primeira bromélia que voccê tem florescida , eu tenho
    uma que dá a mesma flor mas a planta é diferente ela tem
    listras brancas , o engraçado é que elas tem a mesma flor.


    1. Spot on Simone Felic! I think the same group of bromeliads will send out similar kind of blooms. Nature has a funny way to please us LOL.

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Beautiful flowers! And your mini watermelon certainly caught my attention. I have been thinking of growing either a mini melon or a mini pumpkin, will decide after CNY. :)
    Looking forward to the update on your melon!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      The mini watermelon has either burst or eaten by something :-( I am now hoping for a new melon to appear...

  6. Nice blooms Stephanie! Have a great week!

    1. You have a great week also, Mystic Dreamer! Glad you stopped by :-)



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