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Monday, March 02, 2015

This year, my plants seems to be 'enjoying' the Chinese New Year more than I do. The weather was hotter than usual and I stayed indoor most of the time. But my plants, they are sending beautiful flushes of blooms. And it happens to be more of pink ones!

Look, my Desert Rose basking in the sun and shouting for attention...

My bougainvillea that has not been flowering nor growing lushly, bloomed for weeks. I was enjoying how the blooms blushed to pink by the days. Then recently when the rain came pouring, all its blooms dropped... sigh!

In front of the Bougainvillea is the little dwarf Azalea that I propagated from a cutting years ago... sweet?

This pot of dwarf Azalea (mother plant of the Azalea above) which I bought for 2011 CNY, bloomed again -- for this year's CNY :-D The pic below shows how it was before I left home to my hometown for CNY...

This is how it looked now! All buds and flowers opened!!

Close-up view of the gorgeous flowers...

Before CNY, my Medinilla sp. sent out its last bunch of flowers. Lovely sight to behold :-)

Meanwhile, this pot of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum capitatum) that I let grow and then pruned a month ago, has now grown denser and sent out lots of tiny spikes of blooms.

Close-up view of the pink pinheads... interesting?

The other shrub that I pruned was the Chinese Fringe Flower plant. Shortly after, the shrub flowered profusely...

Next, I hope to see my Gloxinia flowering soon. The flower bud below (in the centre of the pic) looks rather small now. Still, I hope it will develop properly and the flower would be large.

Also, I hope this spike of blooms from my Coral Ardisia would set fruit and develop into berries. Oh, I am so excited!

And I am happy to see my Peace Lily blooming after a long rest...

To all my Malaysian followers, I hope you have had a good rest (CNY or not!) and now already back to work, haha... 

Here my Senecio confuses 'Sao Paulo' for your admiration ;-)

You have a wonderful day :-)

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  1. Hello Steph!:) Wow, the Desert Rose is such a magnificent flower in bloom. Love that you managed to grow an Azalea plant from a cutting, they don't always take. I have better results from layering, but it takes a little longer. Yours looks very beautiful and healthy.
    Best Regards.

    1. Thank you, Breathtaking! I consider myself lucky to be able to root that cutting then. Perhaps one day I will try the layering method for plants that I find difficult to root. Thanks for sharing :-D

  2. Hi Step...the flowers are still in the mood of cantik..and the Azaleas...I'm so jealous because so far I don't have luck...

    1. Hi Normala, re Azalea , sometimes is the plant itself is not that fresh when you bought it. Don't give up :-)

  3. The sao paulo is the winner! You plants has celebrated CNY so happy way! ;)

    1. Yes they did :-D And the bright orange blooms gets attention effortlessly.

  4. The azalea and bougenviella look so pretty! And the gloxinia looks so lush. So interesting!

    1. Yes it is. But sometime the flower (gloxinia) does not develop well. I am hoping for the best for this stalk of bloom :-)

  5. Por aqui tem muitas buganvilias , mas nesta cor ainda não tinha visto, lindas
    suas plantas.

    1. Hi Simone, every time I come a cross one bougainvillea in a colour that I have not seen before I am enchanted. And I love both brightly coloured bracts and those of sweet colours :-)

  6. Hi Stephanie, as usual your garden is beautiful, love the colors.

    1. Thank you Corinne! So glad to hear from you. I checked my garden today... lots of weeds and leaves on the floor to clear... and need of more blooms :-)



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