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Monday, March 16, 2015

My Peace Lily is rewarding me with its six white spathes this week. Two have opened and the rest are following suit. Hope they will open soon coz I wanna see them all open at one time!

So come on Peace Lily, haven't seen you blooming profusely for such a long time :-D

Studies have shown that Peace Lily is a good air-purifier. Here is a close-up of its graceful bloom...

While the Peace Lily is in its most glorious moment, my Gloxinia is sadly not blossoming well. Part of the flower petals did not develop as they ought to be hence resulting in a half-opened bloom... 

Meanwhile, the Lemon Ginger that is in front of the Gloxinia has been flowering with a succession of blooms. The flowers are lovely and cheery at the same time, don't you think so?

Meanwhile Anthuriums are giving me a slight headache. They seem to like the sunlight for flowering but the foliage and spathes are easily burnt by the hot afternoon sun. Hmm... 

Anyway, glad to see my Pilea involucrata that is sandwiched between two Buxus harlandii plants doing well these days :-)

My Fittonia that is in the potted fairy garden has past its prime. Earlier the plant bloomed profusely and now all its leaves have suddenly dried up and wilted. Hope they will come back soon.

And my Calla Lily gave me a surprise as its leaves growing bigger by the days. Perhaps flowering soon?

In the pic below, the plant that is in front, with bright green leaves, is Kalanchoe pinnata and the one at the back, in bluish green leaves, is Kalanchoe daigremontiana Itulehti. Both are thriving well in spite of the frequent afternoon rains. Yippie!!

In the combo pot below I have a Symphyotrichum laeve var. laeve growing and flowering. Used to have some Gypsophilas growing in the same pot besides the Alternanthera shrub. I guess the rain must have drowned the Gypsophilas already.

In any case, have a beautiful day!

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  1. So beautiful! You have so various plant on your warm garden. I love to see all part of your garden. I have never seen the lemon ginger, we call it as 'pacing'. But I only find the white and pink-peach variety that grow wildly on the roadside or riverside. enjoy your garden, happy gardening...

  2. Thank you, Endah. Happy gardening to you!! Pacing? Now I know of such name to this kind of ginger. I think those that grows the roadsides and riverside are huge right? I can imagine that they make the place look extra-ordinary.

  3. Beautiful plants and flowers! Your plants always look so lush! ;)

  4. But I have to water the plants so much last week as it was really hot here. Anyway, happy gardening, Malar!

  5. Peace Lily...thanks again for sharing this name..I have this plants sometimes ago but she's so lazy to blooms.

  6. Agree it's a lazy plant haha... I also feed the plant with a high P fertiliser besides applying the normal balanced fertiliser. Do you?

    1. I didn't Steph, Just because she's lazy, I just let it go ..about a month, my friend said the plant's died already..So suprised! This is a tough come so easy to die... What to say maybe she's not watering at all...

    2. Even when the plant collapsed when soil has dried or too much heat/dry, it will 'stand up' again once you water it fast enough. So yes she could be not watering the peace lily at all haha...

  7. Hello Steph!:) You show a nice selection of plants. I think I like the leaves of the Peace Lilly as much as the flower. I have one that only has three flowers at any given time, and the rest of the time I just admire the evergreen leaves. I do think the Lemon Ginger flower is beautiful and cheerful, a good plant to have in the garden.Your Anthuriums perhaps would benefit from dappled sunlight!
    Warm Regards.

  8. Thanks for that tip, Breathtaking! Maybe I should also repot into a bigger pot. I see if I can find a space to do that ;-) The lemon ginger flower is so bright that I can see it from the road. It's really a beauty. The leaves look wonderful when viewed close up.

  9. Hi Stephanie,
    I have a few pots of Peace Lily and they have not been blooming for ages!
    Lovely plants you have!

    1. Thank you, kitchen flavours! Yes I know. Try feeding them with some high P fertilisers. The plant is lazy like what Normala has found out also :-)

  10. Please let me know from where you got kalachoe pinnata .

    1. I grow it from a leaf I plucked. The plant is seldom sold at nurseries. The 'old nurseries' might have them. If you come across the plant or your friend has it, just ask for a leaf ;-)



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