Marvellous Show

Friday, April 17, 2015

Never once have I planted three pots of roses and them all blooming at the same time. This time they did! Very enchanting blossoms in yellow, some in darker shade and some lighter. I took the pic below while on the way out. And snapped more pics when I got back from the shop. Wish I could just carry them inside to enjoy :-)

Well, too bad... the planter box would be too messy to be brought inside :-( These are Roses Forever® mini roses. Btw these are reblooms after the originals ones have spent!

One morning I spotted a hibiscus flower from afar... yup that's the orange one -- huge and striking!

But I read somewhere, in the Victorean Era, hibiscus means 'delicate beauty'. It relates to the fragility and beauty of the flower that blooms in sunny conditions. Maybe it also relates to the fact that the flower will only last for a day

Here some tiny white blooms from my dwarf hemigraphis...

Glad I woke up early :-D Hello pinkie (Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield')!!

Also, my Siderasis fuscata regrew and now flowering. I am so pleased with the result this time round. The leaves look healthy and the plant is really productive. Btw anyone recognise the neighbouring little shrub with pointy leaves?

I seldom go out to the garden in the evening. But just when I did so, I saw this cute flower of Mirabilis jalapa. It smells so good too.

A weed in the making... Chandelier Plant or Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe delagoensis). One day after a heavy rain the whole plant bent down. I lifted it up for the plant to stand again. With the support of the pot next to it, it had managed to grow upright again. 

My small harvest, dwarf Pak Choy. Look healthy, tasted yummy!

Lastly, my Monocostus uniflorus with a yellow bloom looks like it's bowing to bid goodbye ;-) 

Have a great day!

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  1. Yes..the yellow roses are so marvellous..I love it! I wish to buy a new climber roses, maybe yellow or peach color. Those are so sweet, just wait for a right time..the price are quite 'good'...

    1. Hope you will get a really beautiful climbing rose, Normala! Roses are the sweetest no matter how big are the blooms :-)

  2. SUch a beautiful roses! There are a lot of bloom over there too! ;)

    1. These roses are really productive in flowering! New flower buds formed in just about a month after pruning. They are the loveliest mini roses I have grown :-)



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