Fabulous Fountains

Saturday, June 27, 2015

No fountain in the garden? No worry, your plants will give you the effect but of course with no sound ;-) Some display lots of blooms while others lush foliage. This time my Alocasia x mortfontanensis Andre (African Mask) bears leaves that are smaller than usual but more in numbers. I like the markings!

This plant appeared in my garden "voluntarily" from one of the pots in 2009. A free plant and it flourished freely ever since :-D

Mirabilis jalapa (Four O'Clock) certainly takes its time to bloom. Its flowers usually open in the evening. While the striking colour of the blooms strike the eyes, its sweet fragrant makes the nose gay. Wonderful plant to have for a show of colours, even in dusk.

Yellow Forever Roses came back quickly, almost forever blooming. Certainly a must-have rose :-)

The other yellow flower in the garden was Monocostus uniflorus (Lemon Ginger). Spot the two yellow blooms in the picture below...

A real lemon... Grown it from seed in my kitchen...

Here is a group of dwarf plants (Dwarf Syngonium, Peperomia puteolata, Maranta leuconeura var erythroneura) that I have been growing on a rack in my porch. I was intrigued by them while snapping photos as they were all growing towards the direction of the sun...

The other plant that is forever blooming is my dwarf Azalea. Sorry if you are bored with me sharing about this plant :)

Almost every time, it will flower profusely. So I cannot not update!

How lovely :-)

My red Gloxinia is in bloom and the picture below shows the first flower. Two other flowers followed after this one...

Grass-like plant (a sedge I presume) is also another plant that gives a fountain-like effect. It can be more outstanding than the flowers...

Have a wonderful fountainous day :-)

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  1. So lovely, Steph! Beautiful collection, I like your 'fountain'. I've ever grown stripped grass like yours, it grew so well on the pot, but when I moved it on to the ground, it rotten and died. Happy gardening!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Endah! I will be careful with the grassy plant. The tips of the leaves turn brown when I over-water.

  2. All the flowers are so lovely..I never feel bored with them..Azalea look so beautiful..

    1. Thank you, Normala. This azalea has been with me for at least four years and has been flowering well :-)

  3. Lovely flowers, Stephanie! The azaleas are so lovely! And the red Gloxinia is just gorgeous!

    1. Unfortunately this red gloxinia and another flower that opened two days later were smashed up. A bird or wild squirrel must have came and left the mess.

  4. The azalea is gorgeous !

    I love the leaves of the plant in the first picture because of their magnificent arrowlike shape.

    1. Hello Rita! Sometimes these striking leaves of this alocasia can grow bigger in size. Sometimes it likes to stay small like how it is right now :-)

  5. You do really have beautiful collection of plants! lovely Azaleas flowers!

    1. This azalea is still in bloom. New flowers opened this week but a few of old ones (you see in the pics here) faded. Yes it is lovely. Thank you :-)



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