Gladness in the Garden

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pink bracts glowing atop the bougainvillea shrub one afternoon. On the next day, when I wanted to snap a few close-up shots, there were lots of small holes on the bracts. The bright bracts must have made it easier for insects to spot and to chomp them down. 

Do you find holes on your bougainvillea bracts? Wish to find a solution to rid those hungry insects.

The Beautiful Phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis belina) is always in bloom. Lovely to see and smell. Oh! The dainty flower is the cutest blossom in my garden right now :D

I am guessing this to be an Ornamental Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) or a Red Bog Lily (Crinum cultivar)? It made an extraordinary addition in terms of form and has not posed any problem to me thus far.

Coleus 'Trailing Burgundy'? I hope to see the plant trail down soon...

This Creeping Thyme trails down wonderfully. Lovely, aromatic but no flower :-(

My Gypsophila 'Garden Bride' is too marvellous these days! It has re-seeded and is flowering again.

I love the shrub's airy look and the small (and a little sweet smelling) pink flowers surrounding the plant. Each time I water my plants -- even if I have to water everyday -- this particular shrub made me feel glad. 

Rivina humilis is another plant that grows like a weed. Commonly known as Coral Berry, Pigeon Berry or Blood Berry, it bears small but bright red seeds just as its names imply. 

My garden however is not able to provide the best condition that the plant prefers. I have seen healthier and more vigorous Coral Berries. The ones that are in my garden tend to become leggy.

Oh, another gladness! I found a small 'under-fed' rose hiding below a vine. Grown from a cutting and always remained about three inches tall only. 

Pedilanthus bracteatus (also known as Little Bird Plant) is also flowering again. Anyone growing this plant? It was quite popular when it was first introduced several years back.

A close-up...

May you find much gladness in your gardening!

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  1. The plants look so healthy! Must be really hungry insect to eat the bract! hahaha..

    1. Fortunately the blooms are still intact, otherwise, nothing to see.

  2. Nice blooms, Stephanie! I never have luck with thymes, they will always wilt away after a few months! I have the little bird plant too! :)

    1. Thank you, Kitchen Flavours! This pink thyme is long lasting. It has been in my garden for about two years already.



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