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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today, the sky is bright and clear. The haze has settled and I am back to the garden again :-) Lots of weeds to clear, still there are plants that made me glad each time I check on them.

My Coleus 'Trailing Garnet Robe' was a little dull before I pushed the pot out to get a little more sunlight a week ago. Now that purple colour has turned deeper, I hope that the velvety leaves would grow a little thicker. The plant is rather limp now.

Meanwhile a slightly smaller trailing coleus, Coleus 'Trailing Burgundy' is flourishing wonderfully. Love how lush the plant has grown. 

Grew this pot of Bermuda Grass from seed. The grasses sent out runners spreading onto the floor but no blooms yet.

Four o'clock blooms open at dusk till the next morning. Glad to have captured this shot in the morning. 

Also I was able to snap these yellow ones one evening when the sky was still bright.

Here are some watercress seeds that had sprouted near my kitchen window. The seedlings were all too skinny to be eaten as micro-greens. 

Hence, I relocated them out into the open instead. Fed them with some organic sheep pellet and keeping my fingers crossed now. Hope our weather will not be too hot for these greens.

I have been tending some mosses in a little glass jar in the kitchen. Recently I spotted a little fern growing out from the moss... how delicate :-)

In another open bottle, I am drying a small stalk of rose which I cut from the garden. The stalk of rose was so short that I couldn't make it stand up straight.

I thought of repotting my Nepenthes sp. and was pleasantly surprised by my old Drosera tokaiensis. Looks like the plant has not 'disappeared' from my garden entirely.

I can never get tired of Iresine. Especially this one... The plant leaves you mesmerised... ;-)

Roses Forever mini roses are in bloom again. This time due to the wet weather and haze, the flowers were not formed so perfectly. 

I have these Roses Forever roses planted in the same pot as my Little Bird Flower plant and two other pedilanthuses. I hope they are all able to grow together happily.

One morning I spotted a little moth sucking nectar from the rosy zephyr lily. See how clever is the little creature...

Lovely Peperomia puteolata...

...and my Spider Tresses looked amazing... can't resist a shot of them.

Dwarf Ixora blooming in profusion, yay!

Hope you will find many wonderful happenings in your garden. You have a marvellous day!

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  1. There are so many blooms in your garden! They are doing well despite the haze and poor weather!

    1. Hope you are coping well with the haze/pollution. Drink lots of water :-) I am now hoping for another heavy downpour to clear the sky.

  2. You coleus reminds me to my wild coleus that I have found on the roadside a long years ago. it grew so fast and covered the ground rapidly.

    1. You are right. I find that those coleus are better in covering the ground than trailing.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Your blooms seems to be doing great in this hot weather. But it has been raining on and off thankfully! I like your ixora, I used to have white, pink and purple. Not anymore! Hope you have a great blooming weekend!

    1. The rain has been a blessing to provide relief. This ixora is quite resilient. So far no pest problem except for some pruning and feeding every now and then. Happy gardening!

  4. I love coleus! The leaves are so richful of colors and fabulous.



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