New Year Colours

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Flowers make us glad and gardening more fun. Their appeal is beyond words and I'd like to think of them as rewards. Flowering plants are demanding though, fertiliser-wise. But when they are fed well they just bring you lots of beautiful blooms. 

These blooms below are the prettiest. Though tiny, they mesmerised me with abundance of them.

Look... not really as crowded as one would expect to see. Yet, this time around the plants (Euphorbia 'Breathless Blush') produced the most blooms and they remained on the plant for a long time. 

Looked more obvious as the plant matures.

The other plant that is captivating is Spider Tresses. As more and more flowers were produced, the plant looked more and more gorgeous.

Here is a shot of the flowers crowding the short climber...

In the porch is my new episcias. They seemed to be doing well. These yellow blooms look outstanding against the black leaves. At the back is another episcia with pink and brown leaves. Its flower will be red.

Another yellow bloom in the porch... this one is from my lemon ginger.

The flowers of my Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield' are gone now. I had to cut back the shrubs. They had grown too tall and too heavy at the top. When the rain pours, the plants will bend over.

How lovely! Love to spot white Azaleas in the morning. They look the best during this time. So attractive!

This one in the pic below is the pink Azalea. This little wonder flowers continuously ever since I propagated it from a cutting years ago. The plant is still small though.

This group of Iresine herbstii shrubs are incredible. I strike some new plants everytime I prune them. The cuttings root quickly and are fast to grow new leaves. 

My greatest find so far this brand New Year is this Coleus 'India Frill' (in the middle of the pic below). I'm glad to have spotted it in a nursery :-)

My latest propagation... tadaa... a little Glow Vine or Purple Bignonia with its first flower :-D

Rosa 'Othello' -- oh mind! How did the deep colours form? The bloom looks really stunning in the garden when all its petals have opened.

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. I never have this yellow colour of episcia. It's new to me. At my garden espicia blooming in red & pink but only now I realized that I have lost the pink one.

    1. Normala, I have another yellow one but with light green leaves. Btw I used to have a pink one with brown leaves, now no more also.

  2. There are a lot happening in your garden Stephanie! What a lovely spider tresses flowers!

    1. Yup but I really hope the snail problem is gone now. I spotted almost 9 of them in the garden. That's a lot of a small patch!!

  3. You have a lot going on in your garden, and it is a feast for my eyes , in the middle of a dreary UK winter. The colour is such a pleasure!

    1. Hi Jane, it is great to hear from you. Colours especially bright ones brings lots of cheers. Keep warm and garden on (indoor) :-)

  4. Hello Stephanie!:) First of all I must tell you that I like the new look of your blog/blogs. It's a good idea to list the names of all the plants in alphabetical order. I wish I was as green fingered as you. I make a lot of cuttings after pruning, but am not always successful, especially with Azalias, and never with Begónias!:( Yours look beautiful, and all your potted plants with tiny flowers are very pretty.:)

    1. Hello Breathtaking! Glad to hear from you. I am happy that this new blog 'skin' turned out ok :-) The white azalea is not doing that well this week. It had shed almost all its last week. Wonder what went wrong... :( Keep uploading great photos yeah.



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