Friday, March 04, 2016

Dry and brittle foliage, thus is this Rose of Jericho, also called Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla), that I received from a dear friend. After a not-so-brief holiday, this unique plant can certainly motivate me back to do some serious gardening again, yippie!

The dry ball initially looks like a 'dried Chinese noodle' but when sat in a little water, it unfold slowly to form a flat rosette. The packaging says it will turn green and eventually looks like a dwarf conifer. Can't wait for this to happen. Right now is still very much brown.

On another note, the weather report says there will be a shower this week but it has yet happened. Instead it has been really hot. A few plants dried up fast including one of my treasured plant, Azalea. Don't think this plant can bounce back -- a depressing sight to behold :(

Meanwhile, one of my orchids bloomed -- yay! So glad to see this in the midst of the hot weather. The buds took weeks to form and the flowers are really lasting!

The other plant that performed amazingly well is one of my vermillion miniature roses.

Look how small is the plant! 

Many of my plants were scorched by the really hot sun. I have been pruning those brown leaves and I spotted a lot more that I have to work on tomorrow. I have also done some compost before I left for my holidays. Anyone has a good compost recipe for composting in pots, please recommend :)

I am missing my Arrowroots (Sagittaria sagittifolia) that has dried up during my absence :( These pretty leaves are gone and now replaced with the Rose of Jericho.

In any case, have a wonderful week :)

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  1. It also dry & hot here...most of the time I just stay in the house. Not much work can do & not sure how long does it last..feel sorry for your azalea..

    1. Now I must ensure that my plants are water deeply daily. Don't want to lose another plant.

  2. It's hot and dry here too! Surprisingly it rains heavily yesterday! The plants look so good! You must have taken care of them !

    1. Not when the garden is viewed as a whole. There are still lots of brown leaves :( Hey, glad to know that you had rain and a heavy one at your place. Wished it would rain heavy here soon.

  3. I like this interesting ball of dry vegetation which will come back to life when put into water; how ingenious! I wished I could sit in a pot of water and voilà a new fresh me! try to cut back the Azalea; they are usually tough as old boots. Lovely little rose. I had once a garden full of mini roses, but alas the heat and lack of water. Ta ra roses perhaps again. We had a hot summer. I always forget, that last or for last was hot too. Orchids are just wonderful, with lovely displays for a long time.

    1. Titania, thank you so much for that tip. I went out and snipped off a little more of the dried stems of the Azalea. I am keeping my fingers crossed now for it to grow new foliage soon. Will keep you updated of the outcome if any. The orchids are still blooming and they can really last a long time. I am glad :-) Btw flowers keep us young at heart :-D



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