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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It is never too late for another shot of this orchid. This "no ID" orchid has been flowering for weeks now. The colour looks amazing from dawn till dusk -- bright and pretty :)

As for my other orchids, they are not flowering. In fact one or two have dried up with no certainty that they will bounce back.

Rex begonia vine (not a begonia but Cissus discolor) being kept in the porch is one of those vines that I adore most. The leaves may look thick but they are actually thin. 

This Begonia Iron Cross (Begonia masoniana) was given by a gardening society member. Only has one leaf right now. I hope the heat will not be too much for this little guy. 

A yellow bloom popped out! Love its appearance.  

Another two yellow Monocostus uniflorus blooms showed up in the other shrub as well. Really delighted to see these yellow blooms. They can really put a smile on my face :) 

The bougainvillea blossoms below change colour as they mature. They will be more pink later.

This little bonsai plant in the pic below was bent and twisted at first at the nursery. It dried up after I brought it home and being placed in the porch. I cut back the plant and put it in the sun. It is growing well now. 

The plant/bonsai unfortunately did not come with an ID. I identified it as Wild Lime (Santhoxylum fagara). Anyone can confirm?

Meanwhile, here are my supermarket-bought rosemary and red basil (at the back). New shoots and leaves appeared. I am glad :-)

My Four O'Clock (Mirabilis jalapa) flowers are still blooming in the late morning. They are as pretty as the orchids. How wonderful!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Replies
    1. In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. — Aristotle

  2. The vine leaves are so pretty indeed. Glad to know its still exit in nursery. I used to have this plant in late 90s but not live long because the leaves are attacked by mealy bugs.

    1. Thank you so much for the alert, Normala! Begonias normally don't do well in my garden. I watch out for those mealy bugs. You have a great day.

  3. SO beautiful flwoers over there. Wow! Your Orchid is blooming cheerfully!

    1. Someone told me it is probably Doritis cross. The blooms are really long lasting. I am glad my friend gave this one to me.

  4. Hello Steph!:) Such lovely colourful blooms in your garden. The orchid is so pretty, and must like where you have planted it. I also love the white Bougainvillea, cool that you can enjoy it in two different colours, first white, then pink. I have many potted Begonias that have never been in the sun, they did so well in the shade that I kept them permanently in a sheltered and shady spot. Like you I love the patterned leaves, and they look well amongst the other plants. Have a good rest of the week. Warm regards.

    1. Someone from my FB page, My Green Finder says that the orchid is probably a Doritis cross. Do you have this kind of orchid at your place? The blooms lasted for weeks and judging from the buds that have popped out right now, I think the stalk will just continue to flower for at least another week. Thank you for the tip on the begonia. The bougainvillea blooms have turned pink and they are indeed amazing :)



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