Something White, Something Pink

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Added two new roses to the garden this week -- one white that cascades and a pink one that grows upright. I was told that they are ros kampung hence I trust that they will just thrive naturally in my garden like any other native plants. 

Also I am happy that I was able to settle this white rose together with my jasmine and variegated gardenia plants. All white blooms at the same spot, yay :-)


The Meteorological Department had reported that a heat wave has hit the northern part of our country last week while also gave warning that less rainfall is anticipated this week due to the El Nino phenomenon and at the end of the week, there will be intense heat during the equinox. 

Here in the central region, however, we had rain in the late afternoon for a few days already. So I took the opportunity to propagate basil and rosemary from cuttings. Added a new pot of chive to the garden as well. Hope they will flourish well and yield lots of aromatic leaves for my cooking soon :-)

Hey, say hello to my Chinese Taro, also called Dwarf Elephant Ear and Buddha's Hand Taro (botanical name: Alocasia cucullata) in the pic below. It is the one below the white roses... ;-) Before, the plant was not doing that well. Now I am glad the leaves have grown much bigger.

I also found a spot to settle my pink rose together with the rest of the pinks in the garden, yay! 

The Desert Rose was looking amazing two days ago. But today, some of the flowers have dropped due to the rainfalls. 

I think I am squeezing too many plants in my garden... oops!

And one more plant to the pink spot... a pot of Caricature Plant! I have always wanted to add this plant, now I have it :-D This plant also replaces the Iresines that are not doing so well at this time.

Look, something is springing up from my very mini water garden...

Arrowhead leaves! So glad to see these leaves appearing from the water so fast. Now, one thing is definite during the equinox, my aquatic plants need more water!

You too, don't forget to keep cool and drink lots of water :-)

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  1. The little rain bring a lot of differences to our garden! ;)
    Your plant look so good even is summer season! You must have take care of them so well Stephanie!

    1. I wish the rain will come back again and soon. The atmosphere has been kind of dry these two days. The plants need been be hydrated again!

  2. its already more than a month rain did not falling here but thanks there's no water rationing and my plants still survive and doing well. I love to see your white roses..maybe this week try to get one..

    1. It is a floribunda and the blooms are quite long-lasting. Hope you can find one :)

  3. Replies
    1. I used to have 'bayam' (leaf amaranth) in that pot. During the rainy season, after harvesting the vege I took the opportunity to propagate some coleus cuttings and glad they rooted and now flourishing well :)



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