Agave Life's Ending

Monday, April 11, 2016

Perhaps an Agave potatorum cultivar, the plant has finally sent out a flower stalk last week. Still no flowers has appeared yet at the top of the stalk though. What will the colour be? And how large?

While excited to see the flowers, it is sad to know that agave only flower once and then dies. This is because, after the plant has put all its energy into producing flowers it will not longer able to continue growing.

The pic below shows the top of the flower stalk. I hope the birds that frequent my garden will not knock onto this stalk or fall onto it -- it is sharp!

This red basil that I re-grew from those small potted herbs bought from the supermarket flourished fast and is now flowering.

I have been plucking the bracts... hopefully it can stay a little longer. 

Next to the basil is the rosemary. It was also a small young plant that was similarly picked up from the supermarket. Unlike the basil, the rosemary grows slower.

Bought a bunch of mint leaves for cooking. Picked a few to root and they seem rooted and happy now :)

Under those foliage in the pic below is a small patch of root vegetables. The foliage serves also as a natural shade to some radish seeds sown earlier. Kind of regretted doing that as the weather was so, so hot. I had to water the sprouts every few hours!

The Chinese radish seedlings after about a week...

Meanwhile, my coleus needs a cut back. The stems have grown long and are falling over.

My yellow Pride of Barbados (Caesalpina pulcherrima var. flava) looks like it has produced several flower buds. This was given by my friend's brother who grew this plant from seed.

Flowers of my Copper Leaf Plant (Chrysothemis pulchella), hiding below the Solandra maxima...

My red double flowering Gloxinia is blossoming too. The flowers look big even from the back :)

It has been really hot and I have been watering my plants twice a day. Today it was about 38°C in the afternoon! Keep cool and garden on :)

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  1. Stephanie you have started vegetable too? wow!
    It's true that the weather is so hot! I water my vegetables before going work! :)

    1. That's right, they need plenty of water to cope with the hot weather. I have been watering my plants twice a day for a week already. Re vegetable, so far I have been good at growing easy ones like bayam only. Keeping my fingers crossed for these radish seedlings :)

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I love herbs! My mint is flourishing right now, but my rosemary is not looking good! I hope your Chinese radishes grow well!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Great to hear from you. My older rosemary is not doing well too. The leaves are not as pretty and green as before. The dry condition we are experiencing now is not helping either. Keeping my crossed for the rosemary to turn greener and for the radishes to thrive.



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