A Little Shower of Blessing

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

After the dry and hot period, I was glad it rained in the middle of the night one day. Anyway, last week, in the morning, as I was watering my plants, I saw the inflorescence forming in the centre of my Billbergia pyramidalis plants.

They formed fast as a few days later, they were shooting up and have grown atop the green foliage. I am glad all four Billbergias are in bloom together. Don't they look spectacular? They are all planted in one pot.  

Alfalfa seedlings. I eat them as micrograms :)

But I think I will wait for a few more days. It is quite hard to harvest them now. So will wait till they have grown longer first ;)

Harvested a small radish for a bowl of soup. This radish plant was under two other radishes that I have harvested earlier. 

Can you spot a leaf-miner's trail in the picture below  a pot of choy sam (or choy sum) plants?

The rain smashed the white Plumbago blooms but the red miniature roses stood strong, yay!

It is therapeutic to watch plants grow. This little pot of fern and moss has been in my kitchen for months. I took it out from the terrarium to regrow months ago. I can see the little fern is growing bigger each day. Pleasant :)

Enjoy the day and happy gardening!

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  1. It's strange weather Stephanie! The flowers look like a bouquet to me! hahaha..

    1. Hey, you are right, Malar! Maybe a bouquet for a bride :) The blooms however fade fast.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Endah. The colours are not so deep but good enough to please the eyes :)

    2. Here still raining & windy. Almost 2 months. I catch two miniature rose during balik kampung this raya. So murah. RM7.00 & RM5.00 ....In my place its about RM15.00 - 18.00 each...

    3. What?! Normala, you should have grabbed more! Hope the roses are still in bloom now given the cool weather. Over here, not much rain. Just cooler temperature. it was sunny in the afternoon today. Anyway, glad you got those roses at a good price. Happy gardening miniature roses :D



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