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Saturday, July 30, 2016

These days I am dreaming of a big garden. One day if I ever have one, I will definitely grow more Frangipani trees. The Frangipani in the pic below was one of loveliest gifts I have received from an acquaintance several years ago. I must admit that I didn't really take good care of it.

I just left the plant in a small black bag as I really couldn't find a place to transplant it. So I have been placing it onto the soil of another potted plant. Two weeks ago, I saw flower buds forming at the tip of one stem.

Then flowers soon start to open one by one. Oh my, they were so sweet. Not just the colours but... umm, the wonderful smell too! 

Though it was rainy throughout the week, my Hibiscus has been flowering too. The flower however has to cope with the rain once opened.

The little dwarf Azalea below has been gaining in size slowly. I really like the pic below -- taken next to the chives. They look great together. I think it is the different texture they have and of course the colour of the bloom stands out more against green background.

The most stunning of all is the blooms from Billbergia pyramidalis. 

Unfortunately, they didn't last long. Once the flowers started to open, the inflorescence began to wilt as well.

I have only had two days to admire these blooming inflorescences. Then after the inflorescences have wilted, I chopped the plants down, leaving the pups to grow.

Another happy note from the garden is that I harvested the Choy Sam (or Choy Sum) plants.

I reap all that is in the pot below and another small pot.

Good thing they were enough for me to cook a plateful. 

I had a breakthrough in cultivating microgreens. My Flax seeds germinated! I thought they were not able to germinate but I was wrong. They were just slow. 

Dwarf Syngoniums are pretty little things. This time, the red markings are showing up more and more white than they normally do. 

My Episcia with chocolate-coloured leaves was flowering in the porch. The buttery yellow blooms were just so pleasing. Oh I wish I have more space for Episcias too!!

Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo' is in bloom again! I thought the vine was gone months ago. It keeps re-growing from this pot. How amazing! 

A fading Frangipani bloom... I picked it up from the floor and put it in some water together with some Polyscias cuttings in the kitchen.

So colourful and sweet smelling.

Where flowers bloom so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson

May your garden bloom :)

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  1. What a lovely colour frangipani flower! I have white and red variety but it's been ages since it bloom! It reminds me to tend the garden more! hahahha...

    1. Oh you are so right, Malar! Frangipani needs some attention. I have been feeding this one with flower booster fertilisers before it finally bloom for me.

  2. Beautiful plumeria! Lovely garden!

  3. We are same. I always dreaming for a big garden surounding with frangipani's tree...mmm.. hope this dream will come true..hehehe...I've been collect a few colors but stop for a while because of limited space & price factor. Your frangipani are so beautiful..

    1. I am grateful that someone gave this to me. Wished I can have more of this plant in the garden as well. Love how sweet the bloom looks and smell!

  4. my eyes so please to see these beauties ..just love green too much!

    1. Hello, Husna! And welcome to my green space LOL. Greeneries make us happy don't they. You have a great day and happy gardening :)



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