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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The weather has been so dry, warm and really, why no rain! I see clouds but they disappeared fast. Sunny skies are not the best time for a gardener like me. Sometimes I have to water my plants twice a day. Otherwise some plants, their foliage will droop by late afternoon.

While my blue plumbago has withered, this white one remains strong. The little bush has been flowering non-stop for about two months now. I am so glad this is happening :-)

Earlier I have harvested a pot of Choy Sum for consumption. I left one plant to re-grow. It was well worth the effort! I snipped the two leaf stalks below to add to a mixed vegetable dish :-)  

A French bean seedling... The rest of the seeds, I am not sure why they didn't sprout. 

My fairy garden is still growing well. I like how the Pilea depressa is trailing over the edges of the pot. But it has overgrown and taken over the whole pot.   

My Alternanthera sp. grows so fast. I thought I had just cut back the plant. Now it about time that I have to cut it back again. 

I love begonias. Here is my small collection. A small iron cross begonia ;-) 

This begonia, I haven't found its ID yet. It has been growing quite well recently. I am surprised as at first, the plant seems not flourishing at all.

This begonia is the easiest. I have even seen it thriving under the hot sun in some houses here in Petaling Jaya. Toughest begonia I have ever seen before! 

Lastly, my angel wing begonia... Not sure why, it has not been flowering for a while now.

Behind is the frangipani I have posted in earlier post. The bunch of lowers is still producing buds and blossoming! At the front is the spider tresses shrub. 

A close-up of the spider tresses blooms...

And for those of you who grows Japanese roses, don't think that you don't need to water them. These Portulaca oleracea, like other shrubs, desire water especially now when the weather is so warm.

My yellow crossandra is so small in size but glad to see its flowers... 

The dwarf snake plant (Sansevieria sp.) below has really sharp pointed leaves. They make me not wanting it... the torn are dangerous. 

Here is my second surprise. My variegated gardenia that has not been flowering for a while, suddenly produced a beautiful bloom and it smelled great.

Roses forever mini roses blooming happily again!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. It's really hot Stephanie! My plants are surviving too! I had Pilea depressa too! I thought its weed and took it out as it was terrorizing my gardenia! Now I know it's not weed!....

    1. That tiny plant, Pilea depressa is pretty isn't it? Yours is a weed? Wow! I have to buy mine LOL. Btw it rained here last evening. Hope your place rained too.

  2. I sowed green bean seeds twice last three months, but no one sprouted. I think the seeds were expired.

    1. Now I am hoping at least another of the green bean seed will sprout. I checked the seed packet and the expiry date is 2019, so all seeds sown should be viable.

  3. Hi Steph. Actually i really love a hot season because my flowers are blooming well..too much water can be disappointed but in the same time I do love the rains for my vegetables..
    You have a beautiful bloomings this week. Really enjoy watching your plants & flowers. Happy weekend!

    1. That's true, Normala. I also see more blooms during sunnier days. My yellow hibiscus was glowing in the harsh sun the other day :)

  4. Your plants are thriving well in the hot dry weather. I too, water my plants at least twice a day. Real hard work! :)
    Love your lush choy sum! And I do not have much luck with french beans too.

    1. Thank goodness I can have a plate from that pot of choy sum LOL. The french bean seeds are not viable I think. This makes things harder. Anyway, it rained for two days here already, so I hope the weather is going to be more moderate soon. Otherwise my plants are going to look less lush :(



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