Morning Beauties

Thursday, November 03, 2016

The best time to go to the garden is in the morning. Not only is the air cooler, it is the best time to spot those perky pretty blooms. And as the sky gets brighter, you will be able to observe butterflies and birds coming for sweet nectar.

My gloxinia bloomed again! One flower bud opened first, followed by three more. Thanks to the rainy weather that preserved the first bloom, I was able to see four flowers at the same time! 

With these blooms also, I realised which bulb was stolen by the tree shrew earlier. I used to have a solid blue one, so now I am afraid I have to find a replacement for that. Meanwhile, enjoy these blue with white edges blooms. There are five more buds waiting to bloom soon.

Yellow crossandra looks the sweetest! The colour reminds me of butter and cream.   

I love to watch butterflies fluttering around the garden. They hop from one flower to another to sip nectar. While snapping this photo, I can hear birds chipping also. How wonderful :)

Caught a small butterfly too...

The butterfly just sipped non-stop. I was so near!

On one morning as I walked out into the garden, I saw an okra flower opening...

My orange hibiscus was also opening...

The Swiss cheese plant or window-leaf monstera has been doing fine these days. Earlier I pruned the plant till only a few leaves left. I just like how the plant look from my door. It is funny how the leaf 'created' some holes like this... 

The yellow flower (with a red spot at the base) opens and closes within the same day.

Bought a new miniature rose and a dwarf fern, a Asplenium nidus cultivar, to decorate the house. 

Have a great day!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Steph, sorry to hear that you gloxinia has been stolen.Last month I bought the seeds at supermarket.At first glanced I cannot trace any seeds in the tube with my naked eyes. So I tapped the tube on the white paper only then I can clearly saw it. So tiny than petunia's seeds. Sincerely I'm not hopeful..but so amazing its germinated. Thanks God. Now I have six pots. Its about one inch wide & growing well.

    1. Oh wow! The seeds so tiny? Good luck raising those seedlings, Normala!

  3. Hi Step.. wow ..your gloxinia is flowering... one of my wishlist.. never seen the yellow crossandra..

    1. Hi Suka Suka, I have to feed this yellow one regularly for the blooms!

  4. That's beautiful blooms! I like to look into the garden in the morning! so serene! ;)

    1. Yes, serene is the word! Everything is pleasing in the morning :)

  5. First time reading yours. Lovely. Waiting for the next entry.

    1. Thank you for leaving me message, Adam! Have a great day.



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