Happy New Year!

Friday, January 06, 2017

Hope this new year will bring lots of joy and hope to everyone :)

The wet weather brings me lots of blooms in the garden. I was surprised and happy at the same time to see my yellow hibiscus flowering profusely. Six blooms opened all at once on the small shrub today. Sorry, I forgot to snap a pic as I was in a hurry to complete an article.

Anyway, my Eucrosia bicolour is flowering too. The heavy rains must have shocked the bulb. This time around the flower stalk is shorter but the blooms are as lovely.

Even the portulaca is flaunting its bright dainty blooms. 

The other orange blooms that are in the garden is from the Dwarf Ponciana shrub. Look, the blooms have the same 'whiskers' like blooms of the Eucrosia bicolour.

A vivid pink rose with many petals. The colour was so deep and the fragrance really sweet. Unfortunately the blooms didn't last long. 

In the pic below, you can see the petals of the vivid pink rose are all over the pot radish seedlings. The added pink colour made the little seedling look more lively.

Nearby is the the Butterfly Leaf plant. The shrub is in bloom. 

This orchid has just finished flowering and now a new stalk of blooms is flowering again. Look closer to see the weedy Cypress Vine... yikes! I hope it wouldn't climb around the flowers.

A close-up pic of the orchid...

The sweetest surprise for the new year come from the Plumeria, I must say. I was so happy to have spotted a new flower stalk, yippie!

Another sweet surprise, white rose of my trailing Ros Kampung...

I like this Chrysanthemum I saw at the supermarket, hence brought it home. The small flowers in orange and yellow suited the decor of my house really well :)

Again, have a bright and happy New Year 2017!

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  1. Happy New year Stephanie,
    Tumpang happy with your beautiful blooms.I'm really exited to know that you also have the plants that make me so confused...Only now I know its name..Eucrosia Bicolour. Almost 3 years in my garden with a lushes leaves but no flower at all. I deciced to thrown it away but my friend said it got a beautiful flowers. So I took back the bulbs.

    1. Happy New Year, Normala! Yes Eucrosia bicolor tends to be like this. Mine never flower for so long earlier. I have tried several methods but I find that the bulbs will flower if you just forget about them ;) So nowadays I water only when soil has almost dried out. Water or rain will trigger bulbs to flower. Basically plant it and forget it ;) I was told by my friend, her sister has the bulbs in the ground in one part of her garden. When they flower, it is a lovely sight to behold.

    2. So..I must forget & ignore them..

    3. Yes, just don't let the soil to dry out too much or else the bulbs will wither. Also, remember to feed them ;)

  2. Happy New Year! There are a lot of flowers in your garden! Your roses are really looking great!

    1. Thank you for your greetings, Malar. Today the rose is scorched by the blazing heat :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Such Such :D Here is wishing you peace, health and joy in the New Year!

  4. Your posts always bring a little sunshine in to a grey UK winter Steph! Thank you for that!

    1. Thank you to you too, Jane. It is good to hear from you. Keep warm :)



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