Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Spider tresses was the champion (still blooming profusely till today!) shrub during the Chinese New Year period. The shrub not only grew so lush and healthy-looking, it also flowered extremely profusely. 

Also, due to the cloudy sky, the blooms were on the shrub for a number of days. 

So glad I could see the shrub flowering at its peak and missing a bit of it even when I left town for celebrate the festivity for a few days.

Below is another shot of the short shrub ;)

Whenever Chinese New Year approaches, I look forward to seeing Azaleas. Perhaps it is because I lost one plant before and missed it a lot. Perhaps also I just like to see the pretty blooms. This particularly one below that I bought last year grew so slowly. Even the buds formed slowly and took a while to open. But when they opened, they really gladdens the heart :D. 

In the kitchen, like last year, I brought out some arrowhead corms from the refrigerator to grow. This time two corms and they are last year's stock!

My one week's harvest, okra! Eight of them, I counted, yippie! I had a plateful for dinner, yum!

Nothing beats these colourful and sweet-smelling blooms of plumeria. I wish for more buds to appear from this new bunch of flowers as the earlier bunch kept sending out flowers for a while. 

Once very popular (when it was first introduced to the market), Little Bird Plant didn't disappoint me too. The pot of plant sent our a few stalks with 'bird-like blooms' that is not only attractive to human eyes but also the birds in the air. 'Birds' attracting birds, hehe...

Another brilliant bloom that has just shown up is this one -- a bromeliad called Flaming Torch. 

Enjoy the holidays and be happy :)

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year; Spider tresses, awesome flowers, new to me!Certainly love the Frangi Pane, Bromeliads, but never tried Okra. I am impressed with the little bird flower. Always learning, keeping the old brain alert. Thank you for something new and something known.

    1. I am glad to hear that you love the frangipani. Earlier, it took a while to start flowering. Now the plant has been flowering non-stop. Quite a performer :)

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I think your plants in the festive mood too! All in red bloom! ;)

    1. Thank you for your greeting, Malar! Yes, red blooms are especially appealing during this CNY period.

  3. Hi Steph, hope not too late to wish you a happy CNY. Love to see your bunga janggut...awesome bloomings!

    1. Hi Normala, LOL... janggut? When it is windy, those 'janggut' will get tangled.



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