Brilliant Contrast

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Four O'Clock flowers open in the late afternoon. They look cheerful even during wet weather and their mild sweet scent is a delight to my nose. 

These yellow blooms are often covered with faint pink speckles. Like it or not, they set seeds easily and self-sown seedlings are weeds in my small garden. I need to pull them out from the soil whenever I see them. 

The White Plumbago flowers look especially appealing under overcast skies. Under the afternoon sun, they can be glaring. The shrub below the flowers is the Purple Knight Alternanthera. 

My Yellow Crossandra is flowering again. It was a delight to find these yellow blooms one morning. The shrub is slow to regrow. 

I pulled out one China Rose Radish as I noted its root was already swollen.  

Unfortunately, it was really small...

White blotches appeared on the leaves of an Alocasia. Hmm... why?

The Coleuses and bright green Sedums create the most brilliant contrast in the garden. 

Since my pot of Peace Lilies are growing lusher by the day, I am hopping that they would send out flowers soon. 

A lime green colour of the short and compact Sedum (in the pic below) is a standout no matter where you plant it. The small patch of Sedums is planted in the same pot as my bougainvillea. 

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. This post reminds me of my lost plants! I had almost all of them...once upon a time....hahahha.... your plants look so cheerful!

    1. I have a limited gardening space, so, lost plants give me opportunity to grow other plants ;)

  2. Lovely blooms! My potted garden is a mess right now! I like your rose radish plant! :)

    1. They took longer time to mature than expected. I am hoping that the next radish will be bigger. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  3. I'm still looking for white plumbago but very hard to find it. BTW i love to see your china rose radish. The leaves look so healthy.

    1. The leaves are thick and nice LOL. Anyway, I tossed them into my Japanese style daikon soup too. Hope you can find a white plumbago too, Normala.

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  5. HI ,that's an attractive coleus with beautiful leaf shape.

    Happy week..

  6. Thank you, Arun. Happy blogging and gardening :)



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