April Stars

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Hoya diversifolia has not been flowering for a long time. The plant sits at the edge of the porch, receiving a lot of indirect sunlight but the spot can be really warm in the afternoon. Sometimes the space can be really dry due to proximity of my neighbour's air-con compressor.

The vine is now bearing three bunches of blooms and here is one of them...

My Yellow Crossandra is still flowering and grew bushier. The top got heavy hence leaning to one side after the rain.

A Yellow Rose? How strange? I don't remember putting one here. All I can remember was that I had settled one that is peach in colour at this spot before. 

Two days later the yellow rose become lighter but more roses are going to appear as the pink rose bush nearby is flowering again.

Purple Shamrock is fun to grow. I love its unique dark purple leaves. The flowers are really outstanding and very pretty of course. 

Its bell-like blooms are all over the pot last week.

I replanted my Peacock Ginger earlier and the flower below is the first one I spotted thus far.

In the porch, my Variegated Spider Plant is sending out a baby plant... 

I have grown mosquito plants before and the plant always die on me. I bought a new plant last week. This time around, to play safe, I took a few tip cuttings to propagate new plants, once I got home.

I placed the mother Mosquito Plant indoor to deter those blood-sucking insects from biting me while watching TV. 

"Garden as though you will live forever" - William Kent

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  1. Olá
    Eu não tenho Hoya e acho linda, a minha morreu,
    suas flores estão maravilhosos.

    1. Hello Simone,

      I used to have another hoya in my garden. I didn't realise that the soil has dried out in the heat hence the vine died.

      Warm regards,

  2. Wow! That's a real flower shows in your garden! Roses are some of plants which I do not have luck with....
    Mosquito plant? does it really works?

    1. Try another type of rose to see.

      For the mosquito plant to really work, we need to rub the leaves between our fingers to release its pungent citronella smell.

  3. Hi Steph,
    I've two types of hoya's at home. I never care of them for a long time but they still looking good..I thought this plants are so durable..long lasting..

    1. Hi Normala,
      I agree with you. Sometimes hoya can just send out a new shoot and it will grow fast. Other times, the vine just remain the same as though not growing.



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