Drinking Nectar

Monday, May 01, 2017

Almost always, I will miss a chance to snap a pic or two of a butterfly sipping nectar whenever I am in the garden. But when the fluttering insect is so engrossed with the sweet nectar, I will get a chance do that. 

This time around, I even get to record it too. See the video at the end of this post. It is a wonderful experience seeing butterflies drink their food. Indeed Mother Nature has her own way to provide and I am so glad to give a helping hand -- the flower :)

A Siam Tulip bloom appeared from my pot of gingers. I have planted Turmeric and Ginger bulbs into this same pot. So, at first I thought the new green shoots from the pot is a Turmeric. They turned out to be leaves of this pretty Siam Tulip bloom. Also, I thought the bulbs of Siam Tulip were all gone as I didn't see the blooms for so many months.

I propagated two pots of Coleus India Frills about a month ago. They grew fast and now looking pretty under the scorching hot sun.

Alternanthera 'Chinese Afro' but some call it 'Christmas Tree'. The plant is really good at bouncing back. Earlier it was wilting away, so I brought it to the rack at the edge of my porch. It has now grown bushier and looking healthy.

Starburst of a new baby Variegated Spider Plant...

Acerola cherry is more sour than sweet. The earlier one that has dropped onto the soil of the small pot was as red as this one which is still attached to the plant. 

I have sown French Bean several times. Many times the beans do not sprout. This time it sprouted and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the snails would not come to visit. The herbivore loves to devour on young plants.

Love to see another bloom from you again, Peacock Ginger. 

My Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Lutea' is still flowering, yay!

Hope you will enjoy the video below as much I do. A Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana javana) drinking nectar from a Mexican Flame Vine flower.

Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. That's beautiful shot of butterfly! I don't have luck in catching butterfly photos! They fly so fast! hahahha...

    1. Capture them while they are sipping nectar ;-)

  2. Butterfly now in season in my kebun & garden. So many of them flies everywhere. I'm a little bit curious if they landed at my vinca plants. So geli looking at the caterpillar...

    1. They even land on my fern. I saw a few caterpillars on the bush the other day, yucks.

  3. beautiful! I miss my little coleus like as yours.

  4. I'm impressed by the beauty of your garden!
    Happy May !

    1. Hello Ela, thank you and happy May to you too :D



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