Mystery Behind Colours

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This episcia with yellow flowers has been the centre of attention in the garden. Whenever the plant throws out blooms, they remind of butter and cream. The flowers look bright against the dark leaves. You will surely not miss them.

Here is another pic to show how bright the flowers are...

The plant below is an Anthurium jenmanii. At first I thought it requires cool surroundings to thrive. It has proven me wrong. It thrives even during hot weather.

My Hoya diversifolia did not bloom often previously. The situation has changed however as the vine blooms quite regularly nowadays. It's probably either due to my constant feeding with every watering or the change of weather we are experiencing now. 

My resurrection plant (or rose of Jericho) is becoming greener but very slowly. Those I see on the Internet turn green so fast. This plant has been with me for a year now but the tips of the foliage are still brown. In the midst of the green foliage, I am beginning to see green moss (I think) growing in the centre, on the surface of the foliage. 

The blooms that have emerged from my guzmania have been there for some weeks now. At the moment, the plant is on the verge of blooming another two inflorescences.

The dwarf weeping Barbados cherry bush has not only been flowering but has also flourished more leaves.

What I really like to see however are cherries but none so far :(

Twisted form fern looks like a fire in green, don't you think so?

Desert roses produce spectacular blooms each time the sky clears up. The pinkish blooms behind are from a bougainvillea. 

Dracaena corn plant make the inside really green with its bold leaves. I placed it close to me as I write in order for me to get the most of the leaves - both colour and clean air :D

Happy blogging and gardening!

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  1. The plants are looking so good Stephanie! You have a unique collection of plants! Some which I never seen before! ;)

    1. Thank you, Malar :) Actually, the plants look better on picture I think ^-^

  2. The white flowers do stand out from the dark foliage. You remind me to throw my Hoyas outside while the weather is warm, maybe they will flowering here too?
    Enjoy your garden:)

    1. Hello Mia,
      Glad to hear from you. Here we can grow plants outside all year round. You guys are amazing. Transferring plants in and out is hard work. I hope your hoya will start blooming soon.

  3. I think my very favourite colour for flowers is that buttery cream. I love resurrenction plants too, so rewarding if we manage to be patient.

    1. Patient? Sometimes it is a hard thing to do. But ok, I will do that and keeping my fingers crossed that the plant will turn green and pretty in no time.



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