Green with Envy

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Spent a morning at my friend's studio making a terrarium. She asked me what's the name of the terrarium but I didn't give her an answer. At that time, my mind was solely on the construction of the terrarium. 

Today, I thought of the name -- Green with Envy -- which sounds really proud for a humble terrarium. A check on the Internet found that florists love to use the idiom for their green and white bouquets. 

The other two terrariums... umm... I have no name for them yet.

My Mexican Heather was almost down to just its branches few months ago. I thought that was the end for the plant. Last week I noticed those bare branches have not only grown lush but they are also in flower.

This azalea has been growing slowly but steadily, I must say. The flower buds didn't open properly and faded quickly as it was raining and cloudy for the past week. 

My latest buy -- a creeping fig. Not sure if it is a dwarf kind. The leaves are small and the plant is great for terrariums.

Saving two impatiens cutting. They were rotting earlier. So I snipped the top to replant... fingers crossed.

This coriander didn't grow much in size before it turned brown.

Wolfberry vegetable for picking later...

I have failed to germinate seeds in this pot for several times already. Now planting mint from cuttings instead.

Rooting some mint cuttings in the kitchen. They can grow in water!

Have a "green with envy" day!

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  1. That's perfect name for the terrarium! I have brown hand with the coriander! You really have collection of plants for Terrarium!

    1. Malar, I love eating coriander leaves but I don't have much luck growing the herb, sigh.

  2. My coriander are growing well. Blooming and proceed some seeds but my family doesn't like the smell. I also plant ketumbar jawa. Both of them have a strong smell.

    1. Wow! You definitely can grow coriander. Ketumbar Jawa is good too. I like this herb as well.



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