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Thursday, October 19, 2017

I have never had a single-petal Gloxinia before. Recently at a nursery I saw a white and pink bi-colour one. So I brought it home. The blooms are as big as the double-petal type but kind of last longer. I really miss my pink double flowering one. It rotted during one rainy season. It was my fault. I overwatered the plant.

I bought a regular African violet together with the gloxinia. At the nursery, I just can't resist the beauty of those rich purple and magenta blooms. Both are my favourites. At last I picked the purple one and I can tell you I bought this same colour over and over again... for so many times!

Another purple bloom that's worth a mention is that from my new Tillandsia ionantha. I bought this air plant a few weeks ago and is now in bloom already. So fast! I guess the smaller the air plant the faster it will bloom. I had one much bigger one before and it took a really long time to bloom. But not this one...

Meanwhile, here are my edibles. This pot of Kau Kei Choy (wolfberry) grows rather fast but it has not been growing well after a prolong rain. I will be cutting the stems down soon.

Mint never fails me. This pot of mint is ready for harvesting, yummy! I like to eat it in egg soup. How about you?

My rosemary looks less vibrant after days of rain. With the sun now back perhaps it will be revitalised soon. 

I found another new coleus. It is Coleus 'Diane's Gold'.

This pot of million bells didn't last long due to the rain. So sad to see the plant died the morning after a long rain. 

Oh, these precious impatiens are growing so slowly. Still, I am happy with the progress so far. One of them was rotting at one time. I cut the stems and re-grew it back. Hope they will continue to grow healthily.

May your garden bloom :)

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  1. Wah, the coleus pattern are so beautiful.

    1. Yes I know, when I spotted this coleus at the nursery, I said the same thing - beautiful :D

  2. Good collection of herbs!
    I never seen a single petal Gloxinia too! very lovely!

    1. Yup, single-petal gloxinias are lovely too! Now all those gorgeous double gloxinias we often see and have, seem so common already LOL.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ainniah Zulkefli. Glad you to hear from you.

  4. You have a beautiful garden Stephanie !! How do you grow African Violets ...mine had blossomed couple of times and now is completely dull :( .Any suggestions

    1. Hello PKK,
      I think you are doing a really good job already. Just remember to feed the plant with a fertiliser specially formulated for AV regularly ;)



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