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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A rosemary bloomed and faded last week and this week two new little flowers emerged. I have grown rosemary for many years and this is the first time the plant flowers for me. I am in luck, maybe.

One nursery owner told me generally that there are male and female plants. Wow, really?! It seems that if the plant is a male, then it will not flower. So this one I guess is a female plant ;)

My latest hibisbus is a HibisQs and a white one. The flower can stay open for more than a day! 

A cattleya orchid produces two gorgeous white blooms recently. They are really long lasting and have remained gorgeous for more than a week now. When got this orchid from a friend, I didn't know what to expect. Now I know, yay! 

I couldn't resist this beautiful mophead hydrangea at the nursery. My last hydrangea plant succumbed to spider mites after about two years of growing it. 

Here's another white bloom but smaller in size -- an Arabian jasmine called 'Duke of Tuscany'. While I like this sweet smelling bloom a lot, it fades fast especially when the days are wet, sigh.

A new rain lily that I bought recently is coral in colour but with no ID, so sad :(

Next to the rain lily is my regular pot of purple shamrock. The bulbs have reproduced its purple leaves and blooming wonderfully these days. 

Every time I see a plant re-bloom, I will be super-excited. The yellow chrysanthemum that faded and which I have pruned earlier has regrown new foliage and flowers. 

Spotted a long bean vine climbing up a trellis...

I left my pot of mint growing as it was looking really vibrant and abundant. 

Never underestimate a coleus. The plant can be easily propagated using its stems. It roots fast and each time I replant a coleus, the colour somehow turn out to be a little different I noticed. 

Here is my most beautiful find of the year... Caladium bicolor. Got a pots of the plant to replace some wilted coleuses that were in these two pots :)

Have a pleasant day!

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  1. Beautiful bloom of cattleya. Look so huge..

    1. Yes, it is huge and really with good size and shape :D

  2. Such a beautiful collection flowers! Rosemary bloom? That's so amazing! I never seen them before!

    1. I usually see the blooms at the nurseries, Malar.

  3. I like the rain lily. I usually see the plants with white flowers. This color is nice.

    1. Hey, white is nice too. I like rain lily most when it is planted as a ground cover.

  4. Hi Stephanie, It has been sometime since I last dropped by! :)
    Lovely blooms in your garden. My rosemary plants has never bloom for me before, and I have grown quite a number over the years! They must have been male then! But I am not complaining.... though it would be nice to see some blooms one of these days! :)
    The hydrangea is a beauty!

  5. High five, Joyce! Now we don't have to blame ourselves when the plant is not flowering. The plant just won't flower ;D.

  6. It was g.r.e.a.t catching up with your garden stories after nearly 8 months! Every plant looks so healthy and beautiful. I loved your Angelonia, Crispy wave fern and the new coleus that could easily pass off for gaillardia flowers from a distance!

    1. It's great to hear from you, Shailaja ヽ(•‿•)ノ Angelonia proves to be a good investment. The plant has been flowering for a long time and even after pruning. Coleus plants have the most colourful leaves. Yup, they do look like flowers.



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