Pink, White & Green

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Impatiens walleriana has been thriving in the porch for some time now. When the plant is ready to bloom, it will send out flowers and lots of them. The blooms look exceptionally lovely in the early evening as the sun is setting down.

The bright colour of pink makes the petals outstanding even from the gate.  

Two huge white orchids blossomed and they really gave me a surprise. On hindsight, this orchid seems to flower quite regularly. 

'Christmas Tree' is one little Alternanthera that I can just re-plant and re-plant in my garden. The plant shrivelled up earlier. I just used three parts of the plant that still have some leaves on the dark brown stems to re-plant and voilà...

A little moss rose is all you need to brighten up the day. The air-conditioning unit next door has been drying up the air around this part of the garden. Hence my edibles have not been so successful. I was looking high and low for a plant that do well in dry air. Glad that I have chosen portulaca in the end. The plant is doing quite well but these days it is facing quite a bit of sudden heavy downpours that makes the soil quite soggy.

Hope all is well in your garden and thank you for stopping by. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Walleriana, a nice name for a beautiful flower.
    Wow I like that huge orchid.
    I have a plant in my garden stressed by the air from the cookerhood exhaust. So should be the same if near the air conditioning.

    1. Yup, walleriana is a nice name. The name honours Horace Waller who was an English anti-slavery activist, missionary and clergyman. Btw, your cookerhood exhaust is turned on during cooking time only right? The duration is short as compared with a whole day air-conditioning usage.

  2. I like your white orchid. So lovely...

    1. It is those orchids that grow under the sun, Endah.

  3. Impatiens walleriana is indeed lovely and outstanding.
    So are your white orchid blossons and the Alternanthera, which is really cute.
    Let's hope the lovely portulaca would be alright despite the wet soil so all the buds could safely open!
    Thanks and same to you!

    1. Yup, keeping my fingers crossed. Our weather is a bit 'cranky' nowadays. It can just rain after a bright day and heavily.



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