Brilliant Show

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Peacock blooms are incredibly bright. This tree which I have kept small and short has indeed captured all the attention that it deserves every time it is in bloom.

I have often seen bees happily hovering around the flowers and I am also quite certain that the postman who delivers all my precious mails glances at the flowers whenever the tree is in bloom as well. 

Do you have such tree growing in your garden?

At the opposite side, white plumbago also did its best at getting as many eyes looking at them. Although the flowers came in the midst of a rainy season, the blooms were strong enough to counter the heavy downpours. They lasted for more than a week!

A little fertiliser goes a long way for this dwarf azalea. These blooms were vivid even though the colour is of a peach shade and sort of hiding as they were facing the back side.

Rain lily lived up to its name again. They really show up in the rain, LOL.

Hey, why only two every time?

Glow vine is not grown as a vine in my garden. I have it styled into a shrub. These two flowers later developed into a bunch of blooms and looked really beautiful. I should have snapped a photo of it but sorry, I didn't!

This old plant has been sending out smaller leaves than usual of late. One leaf even turned white but this is not the first time that the plant appears like this. So, keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep producing leaves and bigger ones in time to come.

Rosemary releases great smell. Love it whenever I water the plant :)

Thai basil tiny blooms are not so tiny after all, look...

It is pure joy to see plants flowering and flourishing in the garden every time I open and close my door. 

Happy gardening!

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  1. Amazing photos. I live on the other side of the world in UK, so it's a real treat to see some tropical plants for a change. Keep up the good work.

    1. Welcome, Simon Davis :) Although this part of the world is all about tropical plants, we can still tuck in some temperate ones. I will be visiting your blog in a short while and thank you for visiting mine.

  2. All nice beautiful flowers. I sure would glance at them if walking pass this way in fact I would stop to admire :))

    1. Hey, don't forget to ring the door bell ;)



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