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Sunday, September 08, 2019

I recall times when my sandpaper vine bloomed profusely, sending out many bunches of purple blossoms, making the vine very attractive. So, when the vine started growing new shoots vigorously recently, I thought it will once again send out lots of blooms.

I was wrong. The vine blossomed just a small bunch of flowers.

Unlike the sandpaper vine, the azalea is an ever bloomer. Due to the moderate weather, its pretty blooms remained on the little shrub for about a week before falling off.

On another note, each time I gaze on these 'little bird', they never fail to amaze me. I always wonder how did it open up to the shape of a bird?

Those 'fringes' from the loropetalum shrub could open all at one time and stay beautiful for some time and later the flowers will fall off all at about the same time.

Chalice vine is another attractive vine. Its yellow blooms are really large and releases a wonderful scent.

The white flowers of my plumbago can be quite glaring during sunny days.

In the shade, my alocasia that has hibernated for a while, is sending out many new leaves. The plant is really looking gleeful :)

Meanwhile my mock strawberry has re-grown too. I have even spotted a berry hanging down from its pot, looking pretty :)

Sometimes plants just can't survive for a long period of time in the house. In this combo planter, there was a spider plant in the middle. It didn't survive long. The creeping fig and fittonia however are still in the same pot and growing happily.

Have a great day!

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  1. The sandpaper vine has beautiful coloured flowers. I can imagine the beauty if the vine bloom profusely. Would it bloom more if the leaves are not so dense.

    1. Yup, indeed. But as far as I can remember now, after growing this vine in a pot for so many years, it only flowered profusely once only.

  2. If not mistaken have two types of sandpapervine. Odinary and kawin. The kawin one got more green huge leaves and also huge flowers.

    1. Oh I see. Thank you for pointing that out to me!

  3. Tutti molto belli, l'orchidea mi piace di più.
    Buona serata.

    1. Noted Giancarlo. I hope my orchids will bloom again... Have a wonderful day!



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