Bleeding Heart Vine

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Since I started blogging about plants, I have been more aware of gardens with beautiful flowers. My desire to grow some flowers plants has grown as well. So I visited a few nurseries recently to look for red, purple, blue, pink or white flower plants that can withstand the heat and sunlight to add to my garden.

One plant that caught my attention was the Bleeding Heart Vine while I was at Caines Nursery. This is a tropical shrub and not the Dicentra species that I have adored for a long time :-(

Clerodendrum Thomsoniae, or commonly known as Bleeding Heart Vine, has flowers in clusters of red corolla and white calyx. The leaves are glossy deep green. It is a plant that can be grown in a hanging basket and in a pot to let it climb. It is an attractive twining vine!

I had wanted to get it but I changed my mind as I would prefer to buy 'young' plants (cheaper too!) to grow and not a grown plant like that. What do you look for when you visit a nursery?

And do you have any flower plant to recommend? I am looking for tropical flower plants (other than orchids) that love the sun and heat, do not take up much space and can be grown in container.

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  1. I thought I have seen these flowers somewhere before.., but I didnt realise the existence of the red petals within white.. How come not every flowers has red things?

    ~ bangchik

  2. This is a beautiful vine! I love your blog. I'm a gardener myself. Keep up the good work! And thank you. :)

  3. I know this plant as Glory Bower. It is spectacular.

    Adenium hybrids (white, red, lavender). I know you have one, but try getting a pure white or a deep red one.
    Lowland Nepenthes make very interesting potted plants. Not grown for flower, but very interesting plants.
    Bromeliads (Aechmea, Neoregelia, Vriesea, etc) Most make excellent frost-free potted plants.
    Tacca sp. (Bat Flower) makes a spectacular flowering potted plant.
    How about a small ornamental flowering banana such as Musa Velutina.

    These are just a few ideas, I'm sure I'll think of a bunch more as soon as I post this comment!

  4. It is a gorgeous vine but would not suit my climate. When I go to nurseries I usually just look around and then maybe something just grabs my eye or stands out and I have to get it :-) Not very practical is it?

  5. I like Summer Lily, the yellow flowers bloom for a long time.

  6. I'm not an expert, but I've put flowering plants in my full-sun space that don't require full sun and they've managed to adapt, so you could maybe invest a little in seeds of something that really catches your eye and just experiment to see if it'll be OK. Also, you could try sitting it in the shade of a larger plant, so it won't get quite as much sun. (The bleeding heart is gorgeous, btw.) Cheers!

  7. Dear Steph, I love those Bleeding Heart Vine blooms! Btw, do you know why it gets such a name? It's such a beautiful plant but the name is quite a sad one, yah?

    I got myself another plumeria yesterday. It's red in colour. Will take a photo of it tomorrow. It loves sun and heat and if grown in a container, it will not grow too big. The nursery told me that I can prune it in order to control the height of the plant. And it doesn't have too much not much of sweeping is required. This is my 3rd plumeria. Only got it for RM10. Cheaper than those sold in Sg. Buluh (RM25 minimum) coz the nursery in USJ1 is moving out by end of the month. So it is clearing all its plants.

  8. i love the combination of red and white flowers! I don't have any plants to recommend.. how bout cactus? hehe :)

  9. Those are beautiful flowers. You should have gotten it! But you are right, in the long run it's better to get a smaller plant (but keep an eye open for it cause it's a keeper!)

  10. Thank you for all your unique suggestions. I like them all. Now I have to check out the nurseries here to see whether they have those plants that you have recommended. If not, like Lona, I would get something that grabs my attention. I am looking forward to add some more flower plants to my garden to make it more appealing :-) Happy gardening everyone!

  11. This white-red bleeding heart vine is quite different with what I posted on my blog which I got the resource from some other website. I thought there is no bleeding heart vine in Taiwan, but yours seemed not so strange to me. Perhaps we have it here but I don't know. :)

  12. Hi Steph, Even if it wasn't beautiful I would get this vine just for the name. (Like love in the mist aka nigella - I grow them for their beauty and their name).
    would bougainvillea be too big for a big pot/

  13. got it working now, thanks for the notice, if you go to blog settings and change the 'comment from placement' to pop-up window, i solves this issue :D

  14. I have one of these too which I grew from a cutting in the summer. I only had a couple of flowers this year, but the plant is still growing strongly, so next year should be great!
    I do recommend Clerodendrum Ugandense......

    I also recommend Sollya Heterophylla. It's near the bottom of this page......

    Nice blog by the way!



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