Bougainvillea & Rangoon Creepers

Sunday, May 10, 2009

These pergolas, together with Bougainvillea and Rangoon creepers, serve as shades for those who are sitting on the bench undernearth!

Bougainvillea Glabra comes in many colours and it is a popular ornamental plant here. Its
'flowers' are actually bracts; the colourful 'petals' are modified leaves that surrounds the whitish flowers. This plant is also known as 'paper flower' locally as the bracts are thin and feels like a paper.

I found some purplish-pink bougainvilleas creeping on the pergolas. Bougainvilleas can tolerate heat very well and is a highly adaptable plant.

Rangoon Creeper is also known as Chinese Honeysuckle. This plant, botanically known as Quisqualis Indica, is found in Asia and sometimes used as traditional medicine. I love its pink and red flowers.

If you are sitting under its shade (on the bench), below is the view of how the two creepers would look...

Aren't they wonderful?

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  1. Yes, Rangoon Creepers are a wonderful flowers, they love sunlight, it's popular in Asia, too bad it won't survive the winter here.

  2. Most of the time, we just hurry through, giving flowers just a glance.... But when you freeze moments, we begin to look at flowers more than just flowers... A creation!, A piece of art... ~ have a hot weekend!!.., its almost unbearable here in Putrajaya, so must so that we wait until 7.00pm and hurry with watering. CHEERS.... ~ bangchik

  3. Oh, lovely colours! The best thing about the Rangoon creeper is the way the colours change! Very popular plants here too. That pink is gorgeous!

  4. Very beautiful shots, Steph. I am envious of your Rangoon Creeper. I tried to grow one from seed, but it never flowered. I love the name Quisqualis, though. I bet you could spend a lot of time under than bench, looking up at all that beauty.

  5. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing these pics, wish I lived in that kind of climate.

  6. Hi Stephanie, I love Bougainvillea and only wish we could grow it here. I did have one for the summer once but it didn't do very well. I heard my nephew had one over the mountains where it gets really hot and his grew like crazy! We must be a bit too cool even in the summer.
    Your pictures are gorgeous and I especially liked the view from the sitting under on the bench! Good shot!!!

  7. They are all so gorgeous. I wish I had them all. Too cold here for them.

  8. We can see Bougainvilleas all the time here, such as in my neighborhood's garden or balcony. In my family, we had Bougainvilleas long time ago, I remember that I needed to clean the leaves almost every day. :)

  9. Hi Steph, is the rangoon creeper fragrant like the honeysuckle? It's a plant I've not seen before..really pretty! I had a varigated bouganvillea a few years ago with pale lavender blooms but lost it when I was too late in bringing it indoors :( !

  10. It is interesting to learn of your experience with bougainvillea at your place ;-)

    Oh, I forgot to mention that one pergola has one kind of creeper only. The creepers were alternately planted to climb the 6 pergolas there.

    Propero, yes, I have enjoyed sitting on the bench so much... that's how I discovered the beautiful creeper above.

    Lynn, sorry I do not know if the rangoon creeper fragrant is same as honeysuckle.

    Bangchik, nowadays I have to water my plants in the morning also. It has been so hot even in the evening. I hope it will rain soon.

  11. I love bougainvilleas!!! They make our surroundings so much prettier :) And they come in so many colours... u can do so much with them..

  12. I didn't know those plants are called Rangoon Creepers. I bought a pot fr PJ Old Town's market. Was told that the plant needs direct sun. But it dried up after 2 days under the scorching sun. Fortunately I didn't throw it away. It's now growing under the shade and hopefully it will bloom for me again.

    Wish you a lovely weekend ahead, Steph!

  13. Dos anyone have any idea how to grow Rangoon Creeper from seeds. I have about 5 or 6, but am not sure how to begin to grow them. Any help would be appreciated,

    Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!


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